Annual Report 2014 - Page 15

Facility-Based Assessments Independent Health Facilities The College’s involvement in the oversight of facilities began in the early 1990s, when we developed the standards and tools for conducting assessments of Independent Health Facilities (IHFs). The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is responsible for identifying those IHFs that are to be assessed, for decision-making regarding facility outcomes and enforcement, and for maintaining a public register of facilities. Currently, there are 934 IHFs delivering services in Ontario. IHFs mostly provide diagnostic services such as radiology; ultrasound; magnetic resonance imaging; computed tomography; nuclear medicine; pulmonary function studies; and sleep medicine. 934 IHFs in Ontario Of 140 IHFs assessed, the outcome was: 4% Satisfactory – 96% 96% Clinical Concerns identified (Licensing Action required by MOHLTC) – 4% Out-of-Hospital Premises Inspection Program In 2010, our involvement in facility-based assessments expanded with the development of the Out-of-Hospital Premises Inspection Program (OHPIP), which was created to regulate another subset of facilities, namely, Out-of-Hospital Premises (OHP) providing health services under specified types of anesthesia and sedation. The College is wholly responsible for this program, determining through self-reported information which facilities are OHPs, developing the standards and tools for assessment, making decisions about facility outcomes, enforcing these outcomes, and posting these outcomes on our public register. Currently there are 273 OHPs operating in Ontario and they provide mostly surgical and procedural services, such as cosmetic surgery, colonoscopies, interventional pain procedures and cataract surgeries. The Premises Inspection Committee (PIC), which oversees the OHPIP, has completed inspection-assessments of all premises that were in existence when the OHPIP regulation came into effect in 2010. The PIC will inspect and assess new premises as they become 273 OHPs in Ontario Annual Report 2014 13