Annual Report 2013 - Page 4

ANNUAL REPORT 2013 total of 7 applications for membership in 2013, all of which the Board of Directors recommended to the General Assembly for approval. The members that officially joined in 2013 were: • ArcelorMittal Skopje (corporate category); • Johnson Matthey (corporate category); • UNIBank (corporate category); • Van Hool (corporate category); • Veze Sharri (business category); • Alpha Bank AD Skopje (business category); • Ultranet (entrepreneur) Member Engagement As a membership organization, a key goal is to maximize member engagement throughout the year. In 2013, the vast majority of AmCham Macedonia members continued to actively participate in the organization’s events, communications and committees, as summarized below. 2013 EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES AmCham Macedonia is best known as the most active foreign business interests association in the country. In 2013, its impressive repertoire of activities and events included 10 gatherings that attracted roughly 855 attendees. These included high profile conferences on business university cooperation and gender diversity, information session on mandatory listing, training for mid and top managers. However, in a busy year of events and activities, there are always a few that stand out as particularly memorable, this year, they were: 4