Annual Report 2010-11 - Page 42

Asian Spring Festival Heritage Month Celebrations and Artistic Collaborations Carlos Rosario School is steeped in diversity with students and staff representing more than 70 countries at any given time. This rich diversity is celebrated through cultural heritage month celebrations involving the entire school community from students and alumni to staff and faculty. The School’s Board members and dignitaries frequently attend to provide their support. Cultural workshops and seminars are presented throughout the school year in collaboration with local non-profits and artists. These events showcase student talent and inform their daily interactions inside and outside of the classroom. Highlights of the year include: •Student leaders Janett Arandia and Jesus Montiel assisted in choreographing and coordinating student and staff participation for all three cultural celebrations (Hispanic Heritage, Black History, and Asian/Pacific Islander Spring Festival) throughout the year. •A group of students led a painting and collage project for the World Human Rights Day, advocating for an HIV campaign in November 2010. •The Carlos Rosario School band celebrated its first year. Instruments were donated by both students and staff. The band first performed at the Holiday Coat Drive (an event where donated coats are given to the students) in December 2010 and again for the Allison R. Kokkoros and students at the Hispanic Heritage Celebration cultural festivals in February and May 2011. •In February 2011, the School collaborated with a local volunteer and entrepreneur, Mesi Walton, for a four-week workshop in Afro-Venezuelan and AfroColombian music, culture, and dance. Students rehearsed twice a week after class and performed a musical number for the Black History Month celebration. •In May 2011, the Washington P \