Annual Report 2010-11 - Page 4

Letter from the Board Chair and CEO Dear Friends: We are so proud of the achievements of the School’s students and staff over the course of the 2010-2011 school year! Two words capture the unique spirit of the Carlos Rosario School: excellence and community. For more than 40 years, the School has successfully achieved its stated mission of serving adult immigrant students through excellence in teaching and learning in partnership with the community, and our successes continued throughout the past school year. EXCELLENCE Our students’ performance consistently exceeded national norms for adult education. We were thrilled that 80% of our ESL students were promoted to the next level of competency and 93% of Workforce Development students passed their industry certification exams. Our Workforce program effectiveness and the work ethic of our graduates have attracted high-level partnerships. The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) selected our School as its Washington region partner after noticing our 90% job placement rate. In addition, the CIA provides annual cooking demonstrations at our School, and has developed a generous scholarship for our program’s graduates. The American Red Cross selected our School as the Washington region’s official Nurse Aide testing site due to the outstanding reputation of our new Nurse Aide training program. This year the District of Columbia Association of Chartered Public Schools recognized our School’s excellence by naming Allison R. Kokkoros the Most Outstanding Adult School Principal. Student Maribel Morales was named Most Outstanding Adult Student and John Castillo was a finalist for Most Outstanding High School Graduate and was awarded a $1,000 scholarship to continue his education at the Community College of the District of Columbia. Georgetown University recognizes the excellence of our program for English language instruction and for the third year in a row, we hosted 40 U.S. State Department-sponsored English as a Foreign Language specialists from around the world. These university and ministry of education experts observed ESL classes and took ideas back to their countries for implementation. Our GED students achieved excellence this year as well. Danny Martinez was the city-wide GED valedictorian, attaining the highest GED scores in Washington, D.C. Maria Fernanda López was recognized for her perfect score on the GED composition exam. COMMUNITY The school measures its success not just in terms of its excellent achievement outcomes, but also by its adult learners’ contributions to the community. Carlos Rosario students are contributing substantially to the economic recovery of the District and region. They are giving back to the community and not just surviving, but using their determination and work ethic to thrive. Investing in our school is paying high dividends for the District – dividends measured by millions of tax dollars paid, by young adults receiving career training and going on to find meaningful employment in the midst of a tough economy, and by District employers gaining highly skilled and motivated employees, which ultimately benefits their business’ bottom line. Our contributions and partnerships in the community have been evident in significant ways. During the past year, the School provided thousands of hours of service to students ANNUAL REPORT SY 2010-2011 _5 through counseling, community referrals and job placement. The School also celebrated the rich diversity of students’ heritage through its highly anticipated Hispanic Heritage, Black History Month, and Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage festivities. In turn, students have contributed to community projects including a Columbia Heights neighborhood clean-up day and a school-wide health fair, and dedicated nearly 2,000 hours of volunteer service to agencies including DC Central Kitchen, Food and Friends, and Martha’s Table. In fact, our students raised more than $15,000 by organizing a local walk to benefit L’Arche, a nonprofit agency serving the homeless. FUTURE We are very excited about the coming year and the p