Annual Report 2010-11 - Page 39

Non-Academic Performance The School was 100 percent compliant with Public Charter School Board and applicable District requirements and regulations including all AOIS reporting, the enrollment reporting and audit, financial reporting and audits, and attendance and other student data submissions. All required documents were submitted on time and via the AOIS system. The Board of Trustees also exemplifies the School’s commitment to excellence. The Board is comprised of an odd number of members, the majority of whom reside within the District of Columbia. Members are committed to their responsibilities, participate in regular board and committee meetings and in strategic planning, and are highly engaged in various aspects of the School’s mission. During the 20102011 school year, the Board oversaw the partnership with Community Capital Corporation to identify a permanent location for the School’s students currently located at a temporary satellite site at the National Baptist Church. The Board also actively contributed to the School’s re-accreditation planning process in preparation for the Middle States Commission’s accreditation validation team visit in December 2010. Provide certification that all authorizations (certificate of occupancy, insurance, lease, etc.) required to operate the school, are in full force and effect Please see Appendix F for certification. Lessons Learned and Actions Taken Based on Performance Management Framework and Accountability Plan Issues in collecting data for PMF In light of the new accountability systems, the School embarked on an ambitious project to upgrade its database. The School contracted with ProActive School Inc. to develop a new Student Information System (SIS). The new SIS is an enterprise system as it encompasses varied and broad facets of our school’s operations. The SIS serves as the primary data center for various school entities such as human resources/personnel, accounting department, registrar’s office, student assessment department, supportive services department as well as classroom teachers’ student rosters for attendance and reporting student perf