Annual Report 2010-11 - Page 38

Accountability Plan for SY 2010-2011 Indicator Measure Classes Tested 2010-2011 Target 2010-2011 Performance Student Progress Supera Test: Evaluaciones Essenciales Spanish GED 100 & 200 64% will advance one grade level in Language by the end of the school year 76% Student Achievement Test of English Language Proficiency (TEAAL) ESL Levels 2 & 6 74% of students who complete the TEAAL posttest will achieve a cut score of 70% at the end of the semester 74% Student Achievement CASAS Test ESL Levels 1 & 4 75% of students completing ESL Levels 1 & 4 in the fall semester and continuing ESL classes in the spring semester will achieve CASAS test cut scores of 200 & 220 respectively by the end of the spring semester. (ESL 1: 200; ESL 4: 220) 82% Gateway Spanish GED test Spanish GED testers 60% of students taking the Spanish GED test will pass it by the end of the school year 58% Gateway ServSafe Certification Culinary Arts students who do not already have ServSafe Certification 90% of students in the Culinary Arts program will earn the ServSafe Certification by the end of the school year 100% Leading Indicator Average Daily Attendance All classes 69% 82% ANNUAL REPORT SY 2010-2011 _39