Annual Report 2010-11 - Page 30

Board Member Gustavo Velasquez shares with students CEO and Founder Sonia Gutierrez shares experiences with an ESL class Board Member Ted Kavaleri presents to a CSS 100 Class Board of Trustees Members represent diverse backgrounds and cultures. Candidate board members are recommended for consideration of the nominating committee and must be approved by the entire Board. The school makes an effort to recruit members who are bilingual and multicultural and bring expertise in various areas such as adult education, banking, fund-raising, management, public relations and policy. Our Board of Trustees is structured in compliance with the School Reform Act. There are currently 11 members, a majority of whom reside in the District of Columbia. In lieu of parents, our Board has two members representing the School’s alumni: Mr. Rawi and Ms. Zepeda. The Carlos Rosario School’s Board of Trustees held four meetings during the 2010-2011 school year. As required, minutes of these meetings have been submitted to the DC Public Charter School Board. One significant topic discussed by the Board over the course of School Year 2010-2011 was future school expansion in light of growing demand for the School’s educational program and the continued leasing of a satellite site to accommodate the School’s current enrollment level. The Board agreed that, in order to best fulfill the school’s mission, the School would need an additional permanent facility. Consequently, Community Capital Corporation, the nonprofit organization that developed the 1100 Harvard Street facility for the Carlos Rosario School, acquired a property in the northeast quadrant of the District. The School and Community Capital are now working together to design a facility to be located on this site to accommodate the School’s workforce development programs as well as other possible tenants that would provide complementary services to the community. In addition to the quarterly Board meetings, Board members volunteered as guest speakers in classrooms and attended and supported School events such as the annual cultural festivals and graduation. Trainings Workshops and Conference Attendance •Introduction to Charter Schools for Charter Board Members, D.C. Public Charter School Board (Pilar Laugel and Ted Kavaleri) •TESOL Conference, March 16 – 20 (Pilar Laugel) •NCLR Conference, July 23 – 26 (Sonia Gutierrez) ANNUAL REPORT SY 2010-2011 _31 Board Meetings/Facilitated Work Sessions The following meetings/work sessions were held during the 2010-2011 academic year: •November 3, 2010 •January 13, 2011 •March 3, 2011 •May 11, 2011 Annual Board Retreat On July 29 - August 1, 2011, the Board held its Annual Board Retreat at the Gaylord Hotel in Maryland. During the retreat the board viewed several presentations that showed the year’s many administrative and academic program successes. They received updates on the School’s accountability plan performance and met with Salo Levinas of Shinberg/ Levinas regarding the preliminary architectural drawings for the new facility. They also discussed and planned for Sonia Gutierrez’ planned short-term medical absence beginning in August 2011.