Annual Report 2010-11 - Page 3

Contents Letter from the Board Chair and CEO 5 Board and School Leaders Listing 6 School Description 9 Mission Statement 10 School Program 12 School Staff 25 Student Characteristics 28 Governance 30 Finance 36 School Performance 37 Evidence of Performance and Progress 38 Lessons Learned and Actions Taken Based on Performance Management Data and Review Finding 40 Reporting Performance Management Framework Information to Students, Teachers, Parents, & the Public 40 Unique Accomplishments 41 Appendices 45 A Annual Report Data Collection Tool Worksheets A-1 B Fiscal Year 2011 Budget B-1 C Organizational Chart C-1 D Supportive Services Highlights D-1 E Letter of Accreditation E-1 F Certification F-1 ANNUAL REPORT SY 2010-2011 _4