Annual Report 2010-11 - Page 23

Extracurricular Activities Highlights include: Intro to Latin Dancing, Computer for Beginners in Amharic, Computer for Beginners in Spanish, Digital Photography, Zumba Dancing, Hula Dancing, Yoga, French, Intro to Relaxation/ Meditation, Piano Lessons Volunteers Volunteer Hours Volunteer Jobs As part of the Carlos Rosario School mission, giving back is a strong part of the school community. Volunteer opportunities both inside and outside of the school are managed through the Student Supportive Services Department. •Staff, faculty, students, and community members contributed a total of 4,243 volunteer hours to the Carlos Rosario School. •Carlos Rosario School students gave a total of 294 volunteer hours to local nonprofits. •Grand total of volunteer hours: 4,537! •Tutoring •Assisting teachers in the Classroom •Aiding in School cultural events •Participating in the Community Clean-Up Day •Contributing to the planning of the Spring School Dance •Working with local nonprofits