Annual Report 2010-11 - Page 18

Workforce Program Advisory Committees The Workforce Program has corporate advisory committees representing the culinary arts, information technology (IT), and healthcare industries. These committees inform the curricula and provide invaluable insights about the needs and expectations of local employers. During the 2010-2011 academic year, the IT and healthcare committees met once per semester and the culinary arts committee met three times. Culinary Arts Advisory Committee •Aaron Baxendale, Executive Chef, Gaylord Hotel •Jay Haddock, President, Capital Hotels & Suites •Frans J. Hagen, CFBE, Founder, Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington Education Foundation (RAMWEF) •Jamie Hartz, Sodexho, Manager, Nutrition/Menu Services, Sodexo •Jennifer Lehman, Membership & Training Director, Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington •Christopher N. Otway, Director of Sales/Catering, Marriott Wardman Park Hotel •Javier Romero, Executive Chef, Taberna del Alabardero •Hector J. Torres, Vice President, Capital Hotels & Suites Information Technology Advisory Committee •Paul Beebe, Information Systems Manager, Africare •David Dawson, Systems Engineer, Community Information Technology Innovators •Jean Denis, IT Director, Africare •Stephen Jarrett, U.S. Agency for International Development •Nate Solloway, Systems Engineer, Raffa, P.C. •Gail Whitaker, CEO, Whitaker Consulting Services Other Services Employability skills training is a fundamental component of the Workforce Program. This training helps students build essential competencies needed to secure and maintain jobs in their chosen fields as well as excel in the workplace. The curriculum is tailored to meet the unique needs of each student and is implemented through one-on-one career counseling and skill building as well as group workshops and other activities. Students receive more than 22 hours of employability skills training along with job search and job/ internship placement services. Healthcare Advisory Committee •Leah Lujan, RN, Emergency Room Nurse, The George Washington University •Carmen Ramirez, PhD, PNP, RN, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Catholic University of America, and Program Director, National Association of Hispanic Nurses •Patricia Rohrer, BSN, RN, Nursing Instructor, Henrico County-St. Mary’s Hospital School of Practical Nursing •Susan A. Walker, Chair, D.C. Coalition on Long Term Care •Helen White, President, Health Care Strategies Group, Inc. ANNUAL REPORT SY 2010-2011 _19