ANIMIZE Magazine Volume 3 Issue 4 July 2018 - Page 52

So here Laurent is, pursuing his dreams. He has established himself as a pastry chef and cake designer. He acknowledges that he is inspired by his European heritage. ‘We have another touch. We have a French touch’. But he is conscious not to be constrained by that. This is one of the main differences he sees between the French and American approach to pastry; one that he embraces. ‘You can be way more creative [in America]. You don’t have to worry about adding colors or being creative. Europeans are more classic. So you have to stop yourself on that. I love that freedom.’ He also works to add a sense of humor into his creations. ‘A cake will be beautiful but it has to have that spark. You see that it is original and fun, and it’s more than just a simple cake.’

Laurent has recently added yet another string to his bow, a clothing line. ‘It’s the same as with cakes. It’s a way to express myself. Also share some of my creativity with my followers. I could paint but that becomes expensive, and a cake is expensive. So it’s a little piece of my design, of myself for as little as $20. I try to also be funny and unique. Like the unicorn ice cream cone, it’s cute and fun.’ His inspiration for his clothing comes from his creative drive, as it does with his cake designs. ‘If I imagine something fun then I want to create it.’