ANIMIZE Magazine Volume 3 Issue 4 July 2018 - Page 50

‘I had a boyfriend that lived in New York, and I wanted to go to America and live with him. I was not able to be a nurse here, so I sent my resume to Disney. So I came to Florida, to Epcot to work in the French pavilion as a representative of French culture. The last month of your visa you can choose to go anywhere you want in America. I came here to New York, even though I had broken up with my boyfriend, I wanted to make it here. I still had a one month left on my working visa. I worked at Abercrombie & Fitch; it was a good experience, and I was scouted by a modeling agency there. And that’s how thing started in America.’

He returned to France when his visa expired. Initially he was hesitant about his ability to make it as a model, but the opportunity gave him the ability to return to America. ‘I feel like America gives a chance to people with ambition. I saw that ambition, I saw New York City where everyone is from another part of the world. They are all driven by their dreams, I fell it pushes you up and I love that.'