ANIMIZE Magazine Volume 3 Issue 4 July 2018 - Page 48

To look at Charles Laurent he may not seem like someone who eats carbs or sugar, or much at all for that matter. But this budding pastry chef is no stranger to life’s indulgences. Ask him what he misses from his native France and he admits it is butter. ‘I love butter in France. You can find it here but it’s really expensive’.

So how does one go from being a model to pastry chef? ‘I love to bake, but it’s also connected to my creativity. I love to paint, I love colors and I love to put everything together. Hearing the ideas people have. Creating a concept. You can paint on the cake, you can choose the color, make a design. Also food brings everyone together, so you are also sharing the beauty, and the taste. It’s fulfilling. It’s not just beautiful to be seen, it’s also useful.’

Laurent acknowledges his creativity comes from his parents. However after his parent’s divorce, his relationship with his step father became difficult. ‘My step father was not kind to me when I told them I was gay. For three years it was really really bad, so I escaped to nursing school. It was good to escape.’ He spent his summers working at Disneyland Paris, which was as much a refuge for him as it was enlightening. ‘There I met people who were more open minded, not only about being gay, but just being creative. Living your life with that creativity. This made me more confident’. But he found himself struggling with his career as a nurse. ‘I was not liking it. I was too emotional. It was too much for me to take on.’ And so he made the decision to follow his heart.