ANIMIZE Magazine Volume 3 Issue 2 March 2018 - Page 56

Artist Matthew Griffin wants to create ‘worlds’, striving to realize the mental images only he has access to. ‘I found I needed to prove the "crazy" I saw in my head. And the best, and most affordable way was to create pieces on a small scale. Which led me to the face. It’s the epicenter of a person’s visual presence, their soul’s window. By creating these pieces, I was inviting people to open the door, and see what I see; what could be.’

Griffin’s work represents a blending of varied creative outlets. He studied marketing but would go on to be a performer for Cirque Du Soleil. His work draws from his experience in graphic design, aerial arts, contemporary and classical dance, and photography. He has created for Lady Gaga, Dave Meyers, Bea Akerlund, Beyonce, and Kendrick Lamar. Matthew strives to create imagery that connects with the most primal emotions of its audience as well as propel them, head first, into the unknown and fantastical.

His process for creating also comes from a place of exploration. ‘Honestly, I have no idea what the mask is going to look like before it’s done. I just let the material lead me where it wants me to go.’ The work is time intensive, Griffin creates each piece by hand. However he is guarded with the details of his craft. ‘It’s been a long journey discovering how to manipulate these materials into their final incarnations. I’ve always been drawn to the art of visual communication; it was a compilation of my past experiences and interests that has led me into the field I'm in now.’