Ang Kalatas January 2016 - Page 9

THE MESSAGE. BRINGING INTO FOCUS FILIPINO PRESENCE IN AUSTRALIA | Volume 6 Number 4 | JANUARY 2016 Adhika Inc 5th Anniversary Recognition for community builders Adhika, Inc, a non-profit association for FilipinoAustralian press members, is holding a fundraising gala next month to celebrate the achievements of the community's achievers and volunteers while marking the 70th year of the PhilippineAustralia Diplomatic Relations. Adhika, which turns five this year, launched the Community Builders Awards, an awards program that will recognise those who have inspired positive change within the Filipino-Australian community through outstanding work in their line of expertise. The award categories include arts, economic development, healthcare, education, sports and recreation and environment. There will also be a Young Leaders Awards, Hall of Fame and a Legacy Award given on the night. "We are proud to host the Community Builders Recognition Gala to acknowledge these incredible community builders. We believe they are the essence and the role models from which young generations of Filipino-Australians can learn from," said Josie Musa, lead co-ordinator of Adhika. The programme consists of a call for nominations and judging process, an Awards Gala Dinner to be held on March 13at Lidcombe Dooleys Club, a special magazine-format souvenir program, a year-round website and video/ TV broadcast of the gala. Ms Musa said the awards, while only introduced this year, is modelled after a long-running and successful program by the same name in Canada. The association will also celebrate the 70th year in Philippine-Australian Diplomatic Relations. "As members of the media, we appreciate the vital role that the Philippine Consulate in Australia plays in the dissemination of information between our adopted country and our home country - this year's gala is our small way of giving thanks," said Musa. Award nominations can be submitted in confidence no later F