Ang Kalatas January 2016 - Page 13

THE MESSAGE. BRINGING INTO FOCUS FILIPINO PRESENCE IN AUSTRALIA | Volume 6 Number 4 | JANUARY 2016 PROPERTY MARKET 13 Business with a heart RPN: Ten years and on in your limit. I still get excited even if it’s not me buying a house, because it really is exciting to buy a house. But it helps not to be too 'emotional' about it when you are in the process. You have a team of bank, solicitor and real estate agent to help you make things happen. Do your research and listen to these team of professionals.” 2016 is a milestone year for this group of realty professionals. Celebrating their 10th year, RPN – an all-Pinoy enterprise – is setting its sights to bigger ventures in a manner that’s uniquely Filipino: that means lots of care and compassion. AFTER all, theirs is a business with a heart. The real estate business can be one cutthroat industry but for people behind RPN, the pursuit of business is about helping people pursue their dreams and find their place in Australia. They started small ten years ago in a manner that’s quite unfashionable for keen starters in the real estate industry. No fanfare. No glossy business cards. No frills. Not even a full office with big desks. “RPN was founded in 2005 at our garage in Mount Druitt between me and Ruben (Ruben Rosales, Sales Manager) in partnership,” recalls Tes Casin, RPN Licensee in Charge in a recent interview with AK. Her first brush with real estate started a couple of years before when she went to a Filipino fiesta somewhere in Bankstown. That's where she got invited to attend property and investment seminars. “They showed us figures on how you can make money through property investments. Thinking of the children that I wanted to send to school back home, I put the seminar to heart so I can start my property portfolio.” At the back of her mind, she had a lifetime mission to help impoverished children in the Philippines to attain education. The business was primarily put up to support Tes’s vision of sending children to school from the proceeds of every sales. RPN was born and the business picked up; the team slowly learning, slowly growing as the years went by. A decade passed and they had escaped and beaten the odds. According to statistics, 8 out 10 small businesses fail for one reason or another within ten years, 9 out 10 fail within five ( RPN passed the mark. “RPN people are not the bleacher seat type of people. Hindi yan uupo lang and watch what is happening, we are all involved in every sale, every deal, every finance hurdle,” she says. “We care, we study continuously. You don't get to 10 years if you just sit down and watch things happen. You have to roll up your sleeves and be there.” With a base in Rooty Hill, they remain a 100 per cent Pinoy enterprise. Does that give them an edge in reaching out to the growing Filipino-Australian market? “Maybe, primarily, we speak the same language? Para sa akin, madali pa rin makipagusap ng 'puso sa puso' in your own language, especially when it comes about that huge amount of investment, 30 years commitment, halos buong sweldo between husband and wife. “It's good to talk to someone who could understand from the heart. I cannot say that we are 'different' from other players in a BEYOND A DECADE Tes says that RPN is definitely here to stay competitive in the midst of new challenges in the realty market particularly in the Sydney West. As for her mission to help poor children in the Philippines, Tes and the RPN team support advocacies and specific projects to give their share. RPN after all was founded because of that pledge. Tes Casin, RPN Licensee in Charge bigger way. RPN is just always very happy to help, and we don't mind going an extra mile like picking up the client from their home or the train station if necessary, driving them home after visiting houses for sale. Small stuff means a lot. This is our personal touch.” “For me, it is still all about attitude.” ADVICE TO HOMEBUYERS T V