Ang Kalatas January 2016 - Page 10

10 THE MESSAGE. BRINGING INTO FOCUS FILIPINO PRESENCE IN AUSTRALIA | Volume 6 | Number 4 | JANUARY 2016 COMMUNITY ROUND-UP Community drive against domestic violence Filipino-Australian organisations are joining the nationwide campaign against domestic violence. COMMUNITY ROUND-UP With MARILIE BOMEDIANO FILCOM’s News Year 2016 cheers with Sausage Sizzle Charity BBQ ADHIKA Inc held a New Year’s family fun day on January 3 with a Sausage Sizzle Charity BBQ outside the Masters Store at Marsden park. The bbq was aimed at raising funds for the Youth Scholarship project. Spearheaded by Gerry A two-day information workshop on Family Harmony and Healthy Relationships among migrants was held recently at the Life Changing College in Blacktown. The workshop was aimed at increasing community awareness and understanding of issues related to domestic violence and its impact on the lives of people. “It is important for these women to ask for help and get their friends to support them and go to agencies that are able to assist them in whatever ways they can help them so this domestic cycle of violence will be stopped,” said Julie Nunez OAM, community educator who conducted the workshop. The workshop was sponsored by the Philippine Health Care Association of Australia, the Philippine Nurses Association of Australia and the Western Sydney Multicultural health Area. “It is important for families especially women to know their rights and the laws in Australia. Domestic Violence Provisions (DVP) is available for temporary visa holders that will protect them. It is a crime and perpetrators commit a criminal act, they must be reported,” Ms Nunez said. She said that the community should not be afraid to report incidents of domestic violence. “It is important for the mental health of the women, for the children as well so that they don’t grow up with so many disturbances in their behaviour that damage them emotionally. Domestic violence affects everyone even if they are not the direct victims.” Topics discussed on the first meeting were focused on domestic violence and its recent and Josefina "Pines" Musa, the group is set to undertake a youth scholarship mission. Filipino Press Sydney group convenor Jaime Kelly Pimentel and his family and broadcast cell members present were Jake and Cez Lapuz, Michelle Baltazar, Marcus Rivera, Charles Chan, Albie Prie and this writer along with Masonic brothers and friends statistics, its effects on children and understanding the Concept of Equality vs Control in Relationships. On their second session, they discussed the beliefs and attitudes, legal issues and where to get help in terms of family conflicts and addressing new migrant’s fear towards abuse issues. Ms Nuñez OAM is also the immediate past president of the migrant assisting Philippine Australian Community Services, Inc (PACSI) and the incumbent president of Buhay Dalisay Filipino Australian Association of Australia (BDFAA). PACF with FILCOM on their first AGM at 50 Forge Street, Blacktown property last December with Manny Villon (Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the Board). Photo by: Irene Villamar Australian Samareño Association of NSW Inc. (ASAN) Christmas Bash at Pabico Club 55. Photo by: Marilie Bomediano