Ang Kalatas April 2018 Issue - Page 6

ONE MOMENT IN TIME A dead snake lost to art IN my usual afternoon walk, I chanced on the asphalt road a flattened and very dead snake. By ALFREDO 'DING' ROCES I picked it up as one stiff piece for possible use in one of my assemblage works. It looked like a green snake, but its colour had dried where it had lain in the sun on the asphalt road. Not fully dried, with a faint foul odour of death, I left it in the terrace to dry. Soon enough, the ants had their feast all through the following day. When I next checked on the third day, the snake had vanished. I glanced around the garden and saw this lizard. It had the totally dried snake in its mouth. Didn't think any birds, or that lizard, could chew on such a hard, dried, skin. But there it was, making off with my future artwork. n ALFREDO ROCES is an artist, photojournalist, and book author living in the Sydney suburb of Davidson; an octogenarian who in retirement continues to love life and to capture its wonder with his paint brush, his camera, and his words. Roces has opened his ‘gallery archive’ to AK NewsMagazine for readers to follow and enjoy each month. 06 APRIL 2018 | AK NewsMagazine, Vol 8 No 7