Ang Kalatas April 2018 Issue - Page 13

PROPERTY MARKET & INVESTMENTS A PET FOR COMPANY SO YOU’D LIKE TO HAVE A DOMESTIC ANIMAL AT HOME. LET’S GO THROUGH WHAT YOU SHOULD CONSIDER FIRST. WHAT kind of pet are you into – a cat? A dog? Fish? By MICHELLE BALTAZAR If you’re renting, you need to ask your landlord whether you’re you u’re allowed to have pets because most of them don’t allow allo ow it (especially dogs). Fish and birds are usually okay, but it’s still wise to seek permission. per rmission. Some home owners aren’t allowed to have four-legged pets pet ts if they live in a villa type or townhouse. If you want a cat or dog, there are a couple of options on where wh ere to get them. It’s preferable to save them from the pound – it’s cheaper, che eaper, and you’re saving the lives of animals. You only pay around $250 for the vaccination vac ccination and microchip of the t he animal. They also help you pick one that is ideal and suitable for your lifestyle. These animals do have some ‘issues’ since some of them probably have been maltreated while young so be prepared to give them some great TLC. Buying animals from pet shops is quite easy, but it’s are also quite expensive. Be prepared to fork out around $700 for a dog or cat, and around $200 for the ‘accessories’ ( (it depends if p you want your animal to be as posh as Paris Hilton’s). You need to equip your house with the basic necessities such as feeding bowls, food, treats, shampoo, flea treatment, worm treatment, collar, lead, shelter if it’s an outdoor animal, sleeping cushion, brush, toys and winter wear among other things. You also have to consider whether it’s an indoor pet or outdoor pet, because you might need to buy a paddle pad for them if they’re indoors. That way you can train them to go to the toilet in one spot and make it easy to clean up. And if you have a dog, don’t forget to check out training classes for you and your pet; that way, they learn some good behaviour and erase the horrible attitudes they got from the past (if they’re from the pound). g fish, , j just drop p by y an aquarium q p and As for owning shop ask about their range. It really depends how much effort you want to put into it it. There are fish types that are very easy to maintain. Just drop some food and clean their tank and they’re fine. However, there are complicated environments such as tropical tanks that will require constant checking of bacteria level, ammonia, pH level and heat level. The best thing to do is to ask your pet store what to do next, and make sure that you have a veterinary clinic close by because you will definitely need it, even if you pick a hamster or a lizard for a pet. It might also be worth getting pet insurance if you have several pets. Ask the vet about the different types of pet insurance. n Why review your home loan today OVER the last 18 to 24 months, the banks have made a lot of lending policy changes to meet the regulators requirement. In doing so, banks have also used interest rates to control the volume of type of business they generate. Regulators have made banks slow down the number of investment lending and interest only loans being written and, as a result, banks have used the method of increasing interest rates to slow or deter consumers from applying for those type of loans with them. However, in recent times some of the banks have been able to turn on the tap and have started to offer some good rates within the same space they previously tried to run away from. At the same time, banks are heavily competing for owner occupied loans and as a result banks are offering some really low rates out there as low as 3.59%. Therefore, if you have a home loan and you have not reviewed your loan over the By JERONE BALAGTAS Mortgage Broker last 18 months, now is a good time to do so. There are also other reasons as to why you should review your home loan today: BUYING SOMETHING NEW AND EXPENSIVE You may need additional money for a renovation, new car or family holiday. Life events or purchases involving considerable cash outlay are a great time to review your home loan. Refinancing can save you money that you can then use towards the cost of these large expenses, particularly if you are willing to maintain your current re-payments or chose a shorter loan term for the additional cash. The advantage is home loan rates are cheaper than a car loan or a personal loan. INVESTING IN PROPERTY WHEN you purchase an investment property your existing loan arrangements should be reviewed. Loan structures to maximise tax deductions should be put in place and funds flow should be directed to reduce interest payable on your principal place of residence and not your investment loan. 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