Ang Caviteno Newsweekly January 01-07, 2018 Issue - Page 3

BALITA Enero 01-07, 2018 3 Pasig City offers discount to early bird taxpayers Quarter). PASIG CITY -- The city government of Pasig is offering discounts to taxpayers pursuant to the Revised Revenue Code of 2017. According to the city government, 15 percent discount will be given for advance payments made, with real property tax paid in full before January 1 of each year. Ten percent discount will be given to taxpayers for full payments made on or before 31 January 2018. While five (5) percent discount will be given for quarterly payments made on or before the following schedule: March 31 (1st Quarter); June 30 (2nd Quarter); September 30 (3rd Quarter); and December 31 (4th Cavite... Cavite Governor Boying Remulla brought much joy to the locals of the City of Gen. Trias through the Ugnayan sa Barangay-Pamaskong Handog Project of the provincial government in Pasong Camachile II on December 20, 2017. Team GenTri led by Congressman Jon-Jon Ferrer, Mayor Ony Ferrer, Vice Mayor Morit Sision, PCL-Cavite President BM Kerby Salazar, and other members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod, joined the event in support to the governor’s advocacy to give back to the people especially this Christmas season. Former governor Jonvic Remulla was also present adding excitement to the program and more fun to the locals. Makati... City Administrator’s Office, copy furnished the DILG-Makati, the designated Pyro Display zone, names of the composition of the Task Force, and list of available precautionary resources like fire trucks, ambulances, and Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction and Management response and emergency medical teams. Proposed designated pyro display zones must comply with the following requirements: There shall only be one pyro display zone per barangay; It shall be in an open space with a five- meter set-back from the nearest structure or building; People shall not be allowed within 100 feet from the pyrotechnic device; Each area shall be provided with a stand-by fire truck, ambulance with Emergency Medical Team, fire extinguishers, and stand-by BDRRM response teams. Certeza said each Task Force will be chaired by the punong barangay, and will be composed of the following as members: PNP Station or continued from page 8 Police Community Relations Commander, BFP Station Commander or his representative, MAPSA, Bantay Bayan, and Environmental Police. The Task Force will perform the following functions: Designate Pyrotechnics Display Zone in their barangay; Conduct information drive regarding the use of firecrackers and pyrotechnic devices outside of the community fireworks display area; Provide precautionary measures in designated Pyrotechnic Device Zones; Conduct and ensure that the pyrotechnics displays are within the designated area; Conduct clean-up immediately after the pyrotechnics display. It will also confiscate illegal firecrackers per DILG-DOH-DOF-DTI Joint Memorandum Circular No. 1 Series of 2014 and DILG MC 2017-168. These include Piccolo, Super Lolo, Whistle bomb, Goodbye Earth, Atomic Big Triangulo, Judas Belt, Watusi, Firecrackers which are oversized or overweight, Firecrackers with fuse that burn in less than 3 seconds or more than 6 seconds, Imported finished products, Firecrackers with mixture of phosphorus, or sulfur with that of chlorate and polyvinyl pipe “boga”, and other types equivalent to explosive content of more than 0.2 gram or 1/3 teaspoon. Other illegal firecrackers to be confiscated include those firecrackers and pyrotechnic devices manufactured, sold or distributed without the necessary occupancy permit, business permit or permit to operate; those transported without a permit to transport; imported firecrackers or fireworks in the market. As defined in the guidelines, pyrotechnic devices are those materials capable of undergoing self-contained and self-sustained exothermic chemical reactions for the production of heat, light, gas, smoke and/or sound, like Christmas fountain or pailaw that produces smoke, heat, light or fire without an explosion. (ICRD Makati/RJB/SDL/PIA-NCR) QC gov’t appeals to residents to avoid using firecrackers devices that can be used at QUEZON CITY -- A Quezon City government official appeals to the public to avoid using firecrackers and pyrotechnic devices during the New Year celebration. Department of Public Order and Safety (DPOS) security and intelligence division chief Roger Cuaresma said they are looking forward to a zero firecracker related incident come New Year. “Kung maaari huwag nang magpaputok. Ang objective naman ng batas natin ay maging safe tayo at maging maayos sa darating na bagong taon,” Cuaresma said. Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista has issued Executive Order 10 spelling out regulations for the sale, distribution, and use of firecrackers and other pyrotechnic devices. The EO directs the Barangay Operations Center (BOC) to require all the City’s Barangay Chairmen to designate a community fireworks display zone. It also enumerated the authorized or permitted firecrackers and pyrotechnic the fireworks display zones. C u a r e s m a encouraged residents of Quezon City to follow the laws on the use of firecrackers and pyrotechnic devices if they cannot avoid using them at all. “Yun pong mga gagamit ng paputok, siguraduhin na legal at pumasa sa standard. At sa mga nagbebenta, kelangan nasasakop yan ng batas, legal at definitely kailangan sumunod tayo sa mga alituntunin ng Quezon City. Magbenta sa mga potential visitors and local tourist alike. Recognizing the plight of families in exchange for overseas opportunities which is among the harsh realities faced by OFs and migrants, a very timely lecture on Nurturing the OFW family was shared by Dr. Jade Hintay, Director of Health Ministry Department-Cavite Satellite Field Office of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church Central Luzon Conference. Parenting insights and tips for spouses were discussed with a short session for clarifications and sharing. Board Member Kerby Salazar graced the event and shared his personal experience coming from an OF family and how it has shaped his resolute DILG.... However, the city government said that idle land properties shall be subject to three percent (3%) additional Ad Valorem Tax (which is based on the assessed value of a ][BX\X[\]H܈\ۘ[\JKZ]\K[[H܂]H܈[[]Y[^[Y[ق[YH[^[H]\[ JH[\\\[۝ۈ[ZY[[[[\YZ[\]]H[YXX[X[ۈ\ݚYY܈[H[ݙ\Y[Hو NNLKBH]Hݙ\Y[\[\Y[^^Y\œ^HZ\^\ۈ[YH]Y[[Y\˂B܈[]Z\Y\X\H[H]x&\[^\XH B LLLLK S\YԒґQ”PKSԊB۝[YYHYH B[Z]Y[\ܝܘ[\][[HH[\Bوќ[]]KH\YB\X\[\ۈ[][˜[[[[[][ۜ[H[Z[H[H\]وB\X\X\ۋB[[ۙH]\Y\\HXۚ^Y\HB]]H[\][ۘ[XY\\\X][ۈH]\Y[ \ X\[YY[N]]BѕY\][ۈ\\[YH]\Y[ \[ܚX”Y[][[H[\Hق[]\ZYܘ[Z[\H]\ˈ\H\]H[[\[^Hܙ[]܎\[ܛX[[X[و[[Z[[YZ[[ŠZ[[B[H]]p[\X][ۂو]\[YܛXN[HSQQPHѕ[x&\“ܙ[^][ۈ[X܋۝[YYHYH B[\Hو\XܘX\[\\XX‘]X\œ]\][H\ۈ›X[YX\\[\X]\›܈\\\XܘX\[\\XX]X\[[][ۂوHݚ\[ۜو\X[H[YH ” ܈[\\ۙY]Y[^[۝ۙHYX\܈X[H[[\\ۛY[ ]H\ܙ][ۈوH\ BHX[H[\[\œ\Z]وX[YX\\و[Y[\XܘX\[Z]\HB[[Y[Z\[[ܞH[ۙ\]Y B^K]\^\˜[XHۜ[Y\\XX›܈8&Z[]&HX^HH\Y]YBX\و\Y[KH8'YX\›[X[^[\Z[YB\XܘX\›œZ[]›B]Y[[Z][]YB^[ۙ[X[Z]][[^X][[ۙX\\\[œHY\\Yۙ[ۋ8'HB^\ˈBXܙ[H]HX[YX\K[K[\BوH[\XܘX\˜\HXHX]YX›܈8'ܘ][\'K YH[\[\܈ܞZ[Y[[[H܈YB\\]\KK\KX[]]\]\H܈8'[[™\XܘX\8'H\\]ZXYX[[[\][\[ KYYZ8&\[ Y][]ۋ[Y[X\K]ZXX]H\[X[\HX˂B[\XܘX\][\^YY[ܘ[\›܈ KX\ۜ\[[Y BۛHH[™\XܘX\[\XX\B[YXH] ][X[X[K[[و[\\\[XX[B] ]\K\\X\[Z[[XY[\[XX[ XXZ^KX[[K\[Z\\H]XK[]\K SԒ ”PKSԊB\Yۘ]Y[[\XK]ۈHYHY[Z]™\XܘX\]\XX›XZ\YXܙ[]H^[œHYH\[^H]ۂ[HYHY\H][ZH\[^H\]\]Z[Z[][[˜][\XX\HB[]H][[Y\['BX\\XHZY PRT” PKSԊ