Ang Caviteno Newsweekly February 12-18, 2018 Issue - Page 8

Own up, man up ... p. 4 For your printing requirements VOLUME XXXIV No. 31 Pebrero 12-18, 2018 P6.00 For quotation request, please contact us at (049) 834-6261 or email us at sinagprinting@ New Zealand Scholarships open; Visayans encouraged to apply CEBU CITY -- New Zealand Ambassador David Strachan announced that the ASEAN New Zealand Scholarships open for applications this week. During his visit to Cebu, Ambassador Strachan met with students from different universities and encouraged them to take advantage of New Zealand education through these scholarships. “New Zealand is unique in having all of its eight universities ranked in the world’s top 3 percent. It is a great opportunity for personal and academic growth and a way to make a difference to the Philippines upon return,” Strachan said. This scholarship is funded by the New Zealand Government through the New Zealand Aid Programme. Yearly, 24 qualified individuals are awarded scholarships to pursue post- graduate degrees in New Zealand. New Zealand Scholarships foster and build future leaders as well as equipping scholars with skills and knowledge to benefit their country. For the coming intake, there will be a preference for applicants from the Visayas and Mindanao. These scholars will be selected through a competitive process to Continue on page 8 Why let con-ass decide, when Charter Change enshrines pork – Bayan Muna Aside from the usual extension of the terms of incumbents, allowing 100 percent foreign ownership of Philippine resources and businesses, and removing provisions that guarantee human rights and civil liberties, the latest proposed amendments include enshrining the pork barrel system into the basic law of the land. By MARYA SALAMAT MANILA – The Duterte administration’s drive to amend the 1987 Constitution outdoes the previous failed attempts in one more thing. Aside from the usual extension of the terms of incumbents, allowing 100 percent foreign ownership of Philippine resources and businesses, and removal of provisions that guarantee human rights and civil liberties, it is seeking to add the pork barrel system into the basic law of the land. According to Bayan Muna Chairman Neri Colmenares, page 1 of the Draft Constitution of Sub Committee No. 1 of the House of Representatives Committee on Constitutional Amendment, provides that: “Each district shall be entitled to an annual share in the state and federal budgets for its infrastructure, as well as for the medical, educational and social services of its inhabitants. Each member of the Senate and of the party list shall likewise be entitled to an amount not less than the allocation for a district from the state and federal budgets for their constituents within the region or nationwide.” The said “amount” of money for each Senator, party list Congressman, or district Congressman is, in reality, pork barrel funds, the same allotment that public outcries before had prompted the Supreme Court to declare pork as unconstitutional. At that time, it went under the name of Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). After the Supreme Court ban of PDAF, but not of the pork-greased workings of the patronage system, Colmenares said Malacañang and Congress have had to hide pork in the budgets of executive departments. The current charter change proposal will reverse this Supreme Court decision. And, if this Cha-cha succeeds, Colmenares warned, “there will be no more need for politicians to hide pork barrel in the departments.” When he was Bayan Muna Congressman, Colmenares principally authored Continue on page 2 2018 Scholars before departing for New Zealand this January (with Ambassador David Strachan, centre, and Aid Manager Rune Ylade, far right). (New Zealand Embassy Manila Photo) Caravan to assert right to housing, resist eviction in Pandi held The group also calls for the scrapping of the Senate Bill 1578, an Act Creating the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD). By ANNE MARXZE D. UMIL MANILA — Urban poor group Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (Kadamay) led thousands of homeless as they protest the recent moves of the government to evict those who occupy idle housing units in Pandi, Bulacan. Dubbed as “Homeless Protest Caravan,” on Thursday, Feb. 9, the group trooped to the National Housing Authority (NHA), to the Senate and at the foot of Chino Roces bridge (former Mediola bridge) to call for an end to the eviction of urban poor communities. Kadamay chairperson Gloria “Ka Bea” Arellano lambasted the NHA for its attempts to evict Kadamay members who are presently occupying idle housing units in Pandi, Bulacan. They vowed to stand firm and will not leave the houses that they fought for. The NHA alleged that Kadamay members occupying housing units in Pandi have been renting out or selling their units, which, according to the agency, is against the law. The agency reported that Jerry Lovado, a member of Kadamay was caught on camera selling the house he is occupying. But the group maintained that the reported incident was a set-up. Arellano said instead of evicting the poor, the NHA should resolve the housing crisis in the country. She said the NHA should not evict the poor from their community, put them in far flung relocation sites and burden them with housing amortization. “These problems should be acted upon and not make the urban poor suffer even more,” she said. The Philippines’ capital, Manila, was reportedly the city with the highest rate of homelessness in the world. The group also slammed the NHA for its failure to provide housing to the poor and yet thousands of housing units are not being utilized. Based on the Commission on Audit (COA) annual audit report for circular year 2016, the NHA Housing Program has targeted to build 382,082 housing units within the period of YHYX\ˈ]\ۛH NL L\[[]\H\]Y܈ H\[ وH\]Y\[[]ۛH ͋ \[[]܈ B\[\H\YY BHx&\[P]B\][Y[\[ܘ[BPԒ H[\[Y[Y[ LB[\\[H]\˂Xܙ[x&\\ܛX[B]Y]\ܝوHܘ[B[X\Y[ MH\˜[]YK[[ۈ NLBZ[[ۊHۜX M \X[[\[[]X\\]Y\]YHB[و M]ۛH ܂L\[\H\]Y ۛB M]وHY[YYY M [ܛX[]\[Z[Y\\B\]Y[[]YHZY\[[]˂BHPԒ\\قH L[[ۈ M͈Z[[ۊB[]YHHݙ\Y[™[] K^YX\\[ܘ[K]Z[\[]H[\]B[ܛX[]\[Z[Y\][[]Hݙ\Y[\ܚXY\™[\ۙ\[Y]X[[KBY[X^HXܚYY]HH[Y]XZ\Y[X\]HY[B[ٚ]HH\[[]]^H]H\YY \\۝\HHx&\œ][Y[]^HYYYœ[]HH[ܛX[]\HZY\[[]˂B'[\BYB\[[]š]BY[\YY Y[H\H\HYY۝[YHۈYH