5 fastlane LICENCE FEE CHANGES January 2019 saw slight increases to Licence fees for the Unlimited, Super Street and Junior Licences. These changes reflect the first increase since 2014. B GROUP TWO LICENCE INCREASED FROM $395 TO $399 B GROUP THREE LICENCE INCREASED FROM $315 TO $319 B SUPER STREET LICENCE INCREASED FROM $134 TO $144 B JUNIOR LICENCE INCREASED FROM $70 TO $74 *Junior Licence continues to be sponsored thanks to Summit Racing Equipment Following member feedback, all Licences holders can now opt to apply/renew Licences for either one year or two years. Licence holders wishing to take up the two-year option will be eligible for a $10 discount. Medicals are valid for two years from the date of consult. Licences requiring a medical cannot be issued to a date past the Medical expiry. Please note all licence holders over the age of 75 are required to have an annual medical, and are unable to take up the two year option. ANDRA is able to provide these members with a $5 discount on the above prices on an annual basis. If you have any questions on fee structures or the two-year Licence option, contact the ANDRA office on (08) 8271 5355 or TENDER VEHICLES Competitors are reminded to ensure they are aware of their requirements when in control of tender vehicles. Please see section listed below with particular note to speed limits, passengers and wearing of helmets on motorbikes. This can be found on page 259 of the 2018/19 ANDRA Rule Book. 4.19.1 Tender Vehicles Any vehicle apart from the race vehicle required by a competitor in the paddock area shall display the Competition Number of the race vehicle. Apart from Junior Dragsters for which they are properly licenced, persons in control of any motorised vehicle within the confines of the event property are required to hold a provisional Civil Driver’s Licence as a minimum. Other than vehicles recognised as track, tender, service, official, or vehicles specifically designed for handicapped and reduced mobility occupants, only production two, three or four wheel motorcycles or scooters capable of civil registration or golf buggies will be permitted in any area of the venue. Where two wheel motorcycles are used, a helmet meeting AS/NZS 2063 as a minimum must be worn by all riders and passengers where the vehicle exceeds 10 kph. All vehicles must have a working head and tail light and an audible warning device. The use of “pocket” or “monkey” bikes, non-motorised scooters or other motorized, wheeled devices is prohibited. Every tender vehicle is required to have a loaded, serviceable fire extinguisher in their possession, carried in the tender vehicle or otherwise available for immediate emergency use. Dry chemical type extinguishers AS/NZS 1841 (1.2kg / 2.5lbs minimum size) are recommended. 4.19.2 Tender Vehicle Passengers All crew members must be seated completely within the vehicle cab or truck bed of tender vehicles. It is prohibited for crew members to stand on bumpers or running boards or ride on tailgates, open or closed. All cabin doors must be fully closed while the vehicle is in motion. Failure to comply will be considered an unsafe working practice and may result in disqualification. The onus to ensure that this requirement and all associated responsibilities are met lies with the relevant competitor. Refer General Racing Conditions, Passenger. LOOKING FOR MEMBER BENEFITS? The ANDRA Member Benefits Program has been created to offer its loyal members the opportunity to receive discounts to products from supporting companies. By joining the program, your business and products will be promoted to a performance- based target audience. Utilising our database, this is the perfect platform to launch new products, advertise monthly specials and any other sale promotions you may have! For more information about the program and to learn about the latest companies to sign-up, click here or visit