42 fastlane THE VERY BEST PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE FOR ANDRA MEMBERS No one plans for an accident, but it is always in your best interests to ensure you have appropriate coverage. Through membership of ANDRA, members, permanent licence holders, clubs and tracks have exclusive access to a range of quality insurance covers. PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE As a service to its members, ANDRA has arranged through its appointed insurance broker, two levels of Personal Accident cover for members competing in ANDRA Events. B Category One Cover at the Category One level is mandatory for all Drivers/Riders/ Crew at drag racing events run at the National Championship, Regional Championship, Sportsman Championship, National (Open) and Pro-Am levels, where cover extends to those participants listed on the official Entry Form, up to the maximum number of passes issued by the track for that class or bracket. At events where Category One cover is mandatory, a fee of $15.40 per entry will be charged as part of the Entry Fee. Any driver or rider other than the one shown on the Entry Form must notify the ANDRA Stewards/Track Officials and pay an additional $15.40 prior to participation to ensure cover. ANDRA Category One Accident cover is extended to volunteer officials through the issue of an ANDRA Event Permit. Apart from those events at which it is compulsory, Category One ANDRA Personal Accident cover is only available to permanent ANDRA licence holders. B Category Two At other ANDRA events (Bracket and Test & Tune), cover at the Category Two level is automatically provided to current ANDRA members and permanent licence holders. Permanent licence holders wishing to upgrade to the Category One level at these events may do so by notifying the ANDRA Steward/ Track Official and paying the $15.40 fee, prior to racing or qualifying. DIVISIONAL DAY LICENCE HOLDERS: A Divisional Day Licence (DDL) is required by any person who is not a member of ANDRA and who does not need a permanent ANDRA Drag Racing Licence for cars 12.00 seconds (1/4 mile)/ (7.70 1/8 mile) and slower (or 11.00 for cars originally fitted with airbags and 4-wheel disc brakes, 10.00 for 2008 or later model cars), or motorcycles 10.00 seconds (1/4 mile)/(6.40 1/8 mile) or slower or 9.50 on a unmodified production motorcycle or slower. Whilst holders of a Divisional Day Licence are covered for the duration of an event by the comprehensive Products and Public Liability Insurance Policy; Personal Accident Insurance is not automatically provided. Personal Accident cover at the Category Two level may however by accessed on payment of a $5 fee. CATEGORY SUMMARY B Category One • Available to all permanent ANDRA licence holders at Summit Sportsman Racing Equipment Championship Events and at all other events staged at a Pro Am event level or above* • Coverage is extended to include Pit Crew and Crew Members at these events • Officials and Voluntary Workers covered by Category One Insurance at all events B Category Two • Provided automatically to holders of permanent ANDRA licences or permanent ANDRA membership • Coverage is not provided at this level to pit crew and crew members • Option is available to upgrade to Category One cover (permanent ANDRA licence holder/ member only) prior to commencement of the event on payment of the $15.40. Typically, these events would include street meeting and test and tune events*. *Competitors should contact the venue or ANDRA if you are unsure of an upcoming event level or the coverage available. DAY LICENCE HOLDERS: • Personal accident coverage not included in Divisional Day licence.