staginglanes NOMINATIONS INVITED FOR 2019 ANDRA DIVISIONAL ELECTIONS During 2019, elections are due for ANDRA Division Directors in Northern Australia, Victoria/Tasmania and Western Australia. It should be remembered that Division Directors will be eligible for appointment to the ANDRA Board. The following table shows those positions due for election in 2019, highlighted in blue. Any Delegates appointed to the Divisional Council by the Delegates over the past year must stand for election at this time. SOUTH QUEENSLAND NORTHERN AUSTRALIA VICTORIA/TASMANIA Wayne Downes (DD) Nathan Peirano (DD) Paul Rogers Jnr (DD) Lance Ginbey (Alt DD) Ross Bryant (Alt DD) Robert Cassar (Alt DD) Varton Bedrossian Peter Peirano Darren Parker Sarah Langridge Aaron Stibbs Bill Caris David Roderick Ross Lemberg Douglas Anderson Darren Booth Glenn Cunningham Stephen Crook Robert West Doug Penna Lawrence Galliani Darryl Chamberlain Sean Agius SOUTH AUSTRALIA WESTERN AUSTRALIA NEW SOUTH WALES Robert Rath (DD) DIVISION DIRECTOR Paul Stephen (DD) Andrew Braithwaite (Alt DD) Murray O’Connor (Alt DD) Jason Stares (Alt DD) Vladimir Ostashkevich Geoff Chaisty Jim Rowley Andrew Favotti Nick Gardiner John Ward Bob Scerri Ian Jenkins Frank Cannistra Sergei Ostashkevich Alan Hudson Sharon Ward Margaret Oppes Peter Glover Aaron Brookes Harry Harris Anthony Begley Martin Stevensen Elizabeth Johns John Willard Andrew Frost Nominations are hereby invited for the various positions, from Full Members of ANDRA. They must be lodged with the ANDRA Office no later than 12 noon (CDST) on Friday the 28th of March, 2019, using the appropriate form. Nomination Forms are available by contacting ANDRA on or (08) 8271 5355. Full details of the election process may be found in the ANDRA Constitution (click here to view)