32 fastlane for us. As far as the Goldenstates, the day was pretty uneventful: the car went from A to B and did what it was supposed to do and we just kept tuning it. “The track was really good and the Motorplex is always run really well – Ray Treasure does everything he can to bend over backwards to meet the racers’ needs and make the event come in on time.” In the Top Sportsman ranks, Amanda Martin continued the strong results in her new Chev Cobalt by top qualifying and going all the way to the final, but it was Chris Roe who would take the event victory in his Mustang. Before taking on Martin in the final, Roe had earlier defeated Vlado Turic and Johnny Brecich (round one) while Martin had taken on Paul Downe and Lorenzo Gullotto (round one). “It was a very smooth day: the car was super consistent, I ticked all the boxes, and my crew did an awesome job as usual,” Roe explained. “We didn’t do anything to the car apart from the basic fuel and tyres throughout the day, and before the event we didn’t really touch it – we have been leaving the car alone and that is why it has been really consistent, we have tried the game of changing stuff between events before and found that was a really good way to not win!” he laughed. “I haven’t been racing seriously all that long, only around three years after some time racing on and off, so I am thrilled to bits to now have an ANDRA Christmas Tree to my name. “I have to thank my crew Erica, Jordyn and my mate ‘Gibbo’ for all they do for me, and also Ray Treasure – the main man at the Perth Motorplex – and all of his crew for all that they do. I really want to thank everyone that is involved in making these events possible, from the track and the volunteers to the sponsors and the ANDRA officials, to anyone else who is part of making it into the awesome day that it is at what in my opinion is one of the best tracks in the country. “I would also like to thank Emerald Ink for getting behind Top Sportsman in Western Australia as well as Lethal Industries, Allfast Torque Converters, Speed Torque and Connelly Images for their support.” In the Competition bracket, Putland took on and defeated top qualifier Sam Treasure in the final after having earlier raced against Brett Glover. Treasure meanwhile had dispatched Alistair McClure in the opening round. In the Competition Bike ranks, Justin Townson took the victory over Ross Smith after a frenetic day of racing using the three-