28 fastlane ZARA BOARD racer profile Age 13 Hometown Perth, WA Occupation Student Started racing 2016 Best ET and speed 7.91s Favourite race vehicle Modified Altereds The Twilight Nationals featured the Summit Racing Equipment Junior Dragster Grand Final and you walked away as the national championship runner-up – how did that feel? It felt really good with all of the hard work and travelling that we have done. To miss a round and still come runner-up has also been pretty spectacular. It has been amazing being able to travel and win some rounds and just have a overall good time racing. Jake Berias is the Australian Champion and you two were battling it out at the top of the points tally all season-long. What was it like seeing him announced as the winner? Honestly, I didn’t want to take the championship – it would have been nice obviously but Jake deserved that first place and if I had come first I think that would have been a bittersweet moment to take it away from him. So I set out to keep my runner-up position. It has been a real good time across the season, we met in the semis three times in a row. It was always fun to fight tooth and nail with him. After being named as the runner-up during the final rounds of racing in Mildura, you went out for a Grudge Match which saw you set a new Personal Best as well, please tell us about that. After we were out of the racing we decided to have a grudge run against Joshua Maggs and I ended up running a 7.91s pass which was a personal best and pretty cool just to top off the night. Sponsors B.L & S.C Lake Brick Cartage (Scruffy), 89 Garage Door Specialists, Redi Finance, ACS Computers, MPRINT Industries, Pedders Cockburn and Cajed Racewear. Favourite TV show Tanked Favourite food Kilpatrick Oysters Favourite race track Perth What is it that you love about Junior Dragster racing? To me ‘Juniors’ is just a family – you can always rely on others to help you and you know you are going to just have a good time with them with not much in-fighting either as you get sometimes in sports; it is pretty amazing. It has been quite a season for you – who do you want to thank? I want to thank all of my sponsors (Editor’s note: listed above), Summit Racing Equipment for their sponsorship of the Junior Dragster Championship and all of the ANDRA Series sponsors. I also would like to thank the Maggs family for bringing my car around the country; the Osborne family for having me over for the week in Melbourne; my Mum and Dad especially for all of their hard work; Scruffy for coming along with us around the country; and the drag racing community as a whole for all of their support – I hope we can all have a good season next year in Perth and get the Juniors back into racing and having a good time. I also want to thank Anita, because she always seems to have a little bit of a touch into it and gives us a bit of good luck, and we all know drag racing is as much about skills as it is about luck! Photos by Outlaw Images