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CKONS went smoothly. It was our first trip up to Palmyra and we were really happy with the track and how it all went, it was a well-run show,” Halpin said, while thanking Yamaha dealership Halpin Motors for their support of his racing. “I ran both of the bike classes, Street Bike and Modified Bike. We had a bit of luck I think in the Street Bike class and in Modified Bike I just wasn’t quite as good as a few of the others on the day. “It was certainly busy racing two bikes, we did it at round one and will be doing it again at round three too – it will be good to go up there and have some more fun; Benaraby is always a fun track and I love going up there.” The third and final round of the 2018 Summit Racing Queensland Championship will be held at Benaraby Raceway on the 22nd of September, 2018. For more information on the Summit Racing Queensland Championship, please visit Photos by Rogue Snapper Photography