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COLIN ‘BALDY’ SAINSBURY racer profile Age 59 years old Hometown Moulden, Palmerston; NT Occupation Telehandler Operator Started Racing 1997 in Street Bike Classes competed Street Bike and Modified Bike Best ET and Speed 8.90s at 152mph Sponsors Hutchinson Builders, Alicross Motorcycle Engineering, Wilkinson Engineering, Darwin River Diggers, Rogues Social Motorcycle Club and the Footy Tips Mob. Favourite Race Vehicle Top Fuel Motorcycle and Pro Bike, I like both! Favourite TV Show Speedweek Favourite Food Pasta Favourite race track Darwin and Alice and while I haven’t raced there yet, the Perth Motorplex! How does it feel to be leading the Modified Bike points standings after two rounds of the 18/19 Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series? It is all going good so far and I am very happy that I have gotten as far as I have. I did have a crack at the Series last year but we blew the bike up in Darwin at the start of the season and that put me out for a year while we worked on the bike to make it stronger. It has a big motor and we were just continually breaking things. We put in a new billet gearbox from the United States and a new clutch and we are slowly getting back to where we were in early 2017. This is a great start, and I am very happy with the bike – Richard Cross of Alicross Motorcycle Engineering has done a beautiful job with it and Wilkinson Engineering have done some great machining as well. You were the runner-up at round two’s Desert Nationals in Alice Springs – how did that event unfol ܈[O•[HH\\H]HZHH\\B\\[Y[^\[8$HYYY[H[[[H[]HZ[]]HH[[\Y[]\\X[]\H^H]\œY][Y\ˈHۛ[H ][[\X[[H[H\HH\\H[وH\X\^HY\[و[K^H\BH[؋][HݙHX]X[’HݙHH^][Y[[H[و] ]\XX[HH[H8$H[H[HYY][ۙH^K]\H^HوYHX[H[]\š\^Z[]H\ݙH] ]\ۙHوB[[H۸&][\H\[][[B]H[H[HY]HYHœ\ ]\H[\]\]HYYŒ\[BZ[[Y[H[U\X[YZB[[H[ H[YZ[[ \HYšYY܈YKH]H^H[[H][X[\[[\ܙ]YY\܈܈[H[^Hٙ\Y[HH\Bݙ\\KHو[[Y[\[YBݙ\\H[Y[\H][ۘ[˜[YHܙX]X[[]\X[HܙX]YY][وHX\ݙ\\K^H[]\YHݙ\\HXH]\[[[XB[8$H]HH][H[H\\\›[YY]\H[H]X[YYY][XH[X[ MB][ۙH[\]K]\H[\[[^X][ۜ܈H\وH[[Z]X[\]Z\Y[ܝX[\Y\“][[\[]\\][وB][]H[H[H[]\X[B][\XHHX[X\۝\ˈBۛH[H\]]]HH[X[HZB]HH]H\Y\ˈH[H[ܝ\šXY[ۈ][Y[Hݙ\\\[ H[ݙHXH\K]\HX[B[\XXˈH[H[]܈ۜܜ]H[[YH]HZ[\ݙ\\BY[XH[[YH]][B\YXH\[HHXۙ[YHH]HYY\HH\Y\\X\ۈH\H[][HYHXZۋY[HB[]HH\ܘX]]\[YH\[ \\H[[ۙH[H[ZH[HBYۈ܈Z\H[[\X[\Y\HX]HوZ[HH[\Y[HZ[‘܈X ^[H\ H\[[YYYZB[X[[[XH[[HYH[Hܝ8$H\Y]ܙ]܈[H[]\˜HYYY܈YK[[H[H[Y\^Z[8&[H\H][]X[H[H[]HZH]\[\[\^\[&B[HY][ H]H[[H[\[YܘHYX[X[H܈][YH[“[YYYZKHY