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18 fastlane TAMWORTH STRIVING AHEAD WITH PLANS FOR NEW DRAG STRIP When the Tamworth Drag Racing Association was established in 1990, the club aspired to build a drag strip right there in the country town. While land has long been ear-marked for the new 1/8th mile international-spec drag strip, it has been a lengthy journey for the club’s dedicated group of members. Now, Club President Matt Edwards says he is pleased to confirm they have received approval of the necessary Development Application (DA) from council. “We have had the land there ready to go for a long time in the Tamworth Motor Sports Complex, but it has been a big task to get the DA across the line so it is pretty exciting to now have that step completed,” Edwards explained. “We have teamed up with the local sports car club to help get it over the line and we are now working together on lobbying for the funding necessary to make the track a reality. “This will be no easy task either, but we are one step closer to seeing Tamworth having its only purpose-built 1/8th mile drag strip and we are really happy to now be focusing on this next step of gaining funding.” While the club may have been working hard at making its dreams of building its own drag strip a reality, that hasn’t stopped them from keeping drag racing fans and competitors happy over the years. “In 1992 we started running events on closed public roads – as far as we know, we are the only ones in the country to have ever had a Top Fuel dragster on a public road!” said Edwards. “We had everything on-deck over the years – from modified and sports cars to Top Alcohol Altereds and Nitro-fuelled Bikes as well as the Wild Bunch, as they were called then, including the likes of Victor Bray and Ben Gatt. “We ran those events until around 1994 and then in the year 2000, we started running at the Gunnedah Airport where we continue to run today. “We hold four events on the air strip each year – weather permitting of course – and we will continue to do so as we search for the funding for the 1/8th mile track.” An event was held as recently as August 11 and 12 at the Gunnedah Airport, with more than 60 racers turning out to compete in the two-day event. “It was a great weekend and we are already getting ready for the next one – our last event of 2018 – which will be held across October 20 and 21,” Edwards said. “Once again the event will feature test and tune racing on the Saturday before we get into qualifying and racing on Sunday. “As the last event of the year we are expecting a good line-up of ent