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When you consider the fact that the club and venue is run entirely by volunteers, the magnitude of what the Swan Hill Drag Racing Club and its members have been able to achieve to date becomes even more apparent. “We have the passion and we put so much time into making sure we get things right and in spending the time to be as good as we can be,” Gary said. “It is a bit different here to a lot of other tracks, we don’t have paid staff here, we all work during the week and just do the best job that we can. “I am really excited about what lays ahead for us and want to thank everyone who has supported us and our volunteer team over the last few years. “We are up and coming and laser-focused on building what we have to offer – the future is looking bright.” Swan Hill Dragway is located at 6418 Sea Lake-Swan Hill Road in Swan Hill, Victoria. You can contact the Swan Hill Drag Racing Club on or visit or for further information. Photos by Outlaw Images