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ING preparing for some great events coming up in the second half of 2018 – starting with a bracket event on the 13th of October ahead of RUSH Race Your Mates (3 November), the November 2018 Street Machine Drag Challenge (13-15 November) and a round of the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars in March of 2019. “It has been a great journey so far, no journey worth having ever went smoothly after all!” Swan Hill Drag Racing Club President, Gary Rovere, said. “It was brilliant to get racing underway in May with the Swan Hill Nostalgia Nationals event – with more than 100 cars here it was a big test for us and if that wind had been INTO OUR HEARTS even two kilometres stronger, we would have had to shut down due to dust, but we were really pleased with how it all played out. “As a completely volunteer-run facility, I am immensely proud of what we have been able to achieve so far and of what is coming up. “Over the past few years thanks to the funding ($2 million State Government, $450,000 + $500,000 SHRCC and $220,000 SWDRC) and a lot of hard work by a dedicated group of people we have built the track, undergone the repair and drainage works which a &Rr&Vr6WFVC'VBFR6G&FvW#7FVB6PvW"Ww&FW22vV2'&vFfV6r6VB7&VFVF2ff6R@vFW"7F&vS&VvBG&6WVV@BFRƗ7BvW2( 2BFW2FR'W@vR&RfW'FWFW&֖VBF7V66VVB( ĒfRFFW"&6W'2BW 6VGf"&VrFVBvFW2( 2vPfRBBbVW7F2g&VPv&RVFW'7FF&ǒVVF&6PF2Wr6&7VB2FvvR&V( @'Vr&RVWFw2BF27FvR@'F7V"&rWfVG2ƖRFR7V֗@&6rWVVB7'G66W&W2( F22'&BWr&6RG&6BvR&P&Vǒ&VBbrf"vRfR6R'W@FR&VƗG2vR&R&B&VBvW&RvP