ANDRA Fastlane 20 - Page 30

RACE REPORT: SUMMIT RACING QLD CHAMPS ROUND TWO HEAT RACERS TURN ON IN BENARABY Round two of the Summit Racing Queensland Championship – held at Benaraby Raceway on September 2 – may have started out with chilly temperatures on the morning of the event, but it soon heated up thanks to some great performances from the field of 88 racers. A big effort from the Central Queensland Drag Racing Association (CQDRA) ensured a successful event and happy racers, along with a vocal crowd who clearly enjoyed the display of high horsepower vehicles and bikes. While all of the competitors enjoyed a friendly relaxed atmosphere in the pits, by all reports it was tense on the race track. Several of the finals participants had to be decided via a countback, sometimes with little more than hundredths of a second being the difference. Drawing the attention of the fans in particular during qualifying was the black Vauxhall of Raymond Voois with some wild antics. If the car wasn’t trying to knock over start line officials during a burnout, it was carrying on like a brat during qualifying for the Supercharged Outlaws bracket. Unfortunately, Voois was not able to return for eliminations after coming down hard from a wheelie. Speaking of spectacular, Mark Eves was back in the popular bracket, and hopeful that car owner Phil Wheatly had tamed his Corvette after his wild spin at Palmyra. His first run resulted in a 5.09 ET over the eighth. His second run was the quickest of the session with a 4.671s pass at 164 mph. In the third round of qualifying, Eves improved again with a 4.592s effort at 166.67 mph. When it was time for the finals however, it was the World’s Fastest FJ Holden of Randall Mohr who found himself the winner, defeating Anthony Spataro who broke out a bunch with a 5.08s ET on his 5.42s dial-in. Mohr took the trophy and the points with a 4.87s ET on his 4.83s dial-in. The Hogan’s Heavy Haulage Modified Eliminator bracket started out with seven entries, however, that dropped to five when Ken Smith and Savos Pandelakis retired. Katie Cunningham would pick up the top qualifier points. For the all-Altered final, Roma racer Paul Winkle took the win with a 0.086s reaction on the tree and a 5.77s ET on his 5.73s dial-in, while Geoff Everett from Palmyra was runner-up with a 0.178s reacted 5.06s ET on a 5.00s dial-in. Super Sedan had 15 entries with Gavin List as top qualifier before three rounds of eliminations saw the final came down to Zack Grimshaw and Richard Tyson. Unfortunately for Grimshaw, his small block TG Holden Gemini was not staged straight. After cutting a 0.020s reaction time, Grimshaw had a pedal and then had to back off after the Gemini was moving