ANDRA Fastlane 20 - Page 22

22 BRADLEY BISHOP racerprofile Age 17 Best ET and Speed: 6.993s @ 96.7mph (test day at Heathcote) Hometown Orangeville Sponsors Dad (Peter) School Magdalene Catholic High School Favourite Race Vehicle My current car Started Racing 2008 Favourite TV Show Street Outlaws Classes competed Juniors A, B and C Favourite food(s) Krispy Kreme ANDRA Racing highlights My first tree at Mildura, 2014 Favourite Track Sydney What do you love about racing? Being able to be with all of my racing family and having weekends away with dad. How did you get into racing? Dad crewed on Aaron Hambridge’s Top Alcohol entry and he was going to America to get a new dragster with him, so I asked when you’re over there dad can you get me a Junior? And that ended up happening! What do you consider as your racing highlights? Winning a tree is always a highlight but the Darwin trip this year was really good. I went a few rounds and got to be with all my friends for three weeks, so it was a great time. What do you love about Junior Dragster Racing? Why should others get into it? I personally don’t want to leave juniors, I love it. I love how close the racing is and I still enjoy every pass still to this day. Winning races still gives me such a good feeling and some people comment like “oh you’ve got this one covered” and expect me to win; but going into every event I still think if it’s your day, it’s your day, and when your car is on, it’s on! So I go into every round prepared for both outcomes. When I have to run a first meeting C car I don’t underestimate them, or treat them any different to someone who has done as many passes as myself. What is your ultimate racing goal/ dream? At the moment winning this year’s championship with dad would be great, but again at the end of the day, what’s gonna happen on that day in Adelaide is going to happen – all we can do is prepare ourselves the best we can. What do your school mates think about what you do? My school mates don’t really hear much of what goes on as I don’t talk about it very much because nobody understands it anyway. I let them know if I get a win, but that’s about it. Is there anyone you would like to thank for being part of your drag racing journey? Just my Dad really, he funds everything by himself and being a single dad bringing me right through juniors has been an awesome time, so when I win it is more of a thanks to him than anything; just to give back what I can through winning races as it is a team effort between us.