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BY RACERS, FOR RACERS ANDRA partner Trick Flow Specialities is a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance cylinder heads, intake manifolds, and engine components. It was established in Ohio in 1983, and today boasts more than 34 years of producing the ‘ultimate’ in bolt-on performance. As part of that long history, it is well-known for a range of innovations including its world-famous Twisted Wedge cylinder heads for small block Fords. Trick Flow offers camshafts, headers, carbs, and valvetrain components; along with in- house manufactured parts like cylinder heads, intake manifolds, valve covers, transmission pans, and differential covers. For many of the engines found in ANDRA competition, Trick Flow Specialities has a solution – including for small and big block Chevy V8s, small and big block Ford V8s and the GM LS Series V8. But that’s not all, Trick Flow Specialities Manager, Mike Downs, explains. “We are especially pleased to offer cylinder heads, carbureted and EFI intake manifolds and rocker arms for the Ford 351 Cleveland V8, which we have found to be very popular in Australia,” Downs said. “It is our experience that Australians love horsepower and drag racing just as much as Americans do. As long as there are at least two people in Australia who own race cars, we reckon they’ll want to race each other! “Trick Flow parts help make more horsepower so drivers can win more racers – it sounds like a match made in heaven, doesn’t it?” ANDRA members will also be familiar with Trick Flow thanks to their generous donation of $50 Trick Flow vouchers which form part of the Top Qualifier Medallion Winner Packs. “Everyone at Trick Flow is excited to be a part of ANDRA and we look forward to growing our relationship with some of the best drag racers in the world,” Downs said. At its workshop in Ohio, Trick Flow Specialities boasts plenty of dedicated spirit, and lots of manufacturing power. “Trick Flow is run by racers and performance enthusiasts who love horsepower just as much as its customers do,” Downs continued. “We use Trick Flow parts in our own cars, and we race to win. We won’t settle for anything but the best, and that is what we are proud to offer our customers. “As part of that commitment, we design and engineer every part we make in-house. We make our own foundry patterns and do all of the final machining in-house as well to make sure our parts are the highest quality possible. “We also do a lot of dyno and track testing to validate durability and performance. So, if we say a part or parts combination m akes X amount of horsepower, you can rest assured the race who uses it will see that power increase on their car, or even more.” Trick Flow parts are available at Summit Racing Equipment. To view all of the Trick Flow Specialties parts available at, please click here.