ANDRA Fastlane 20 - Page 20

20 TIM BRYAN racerprofile Team Super Roo Racing How did your win at Nitro Up North come about? DOB 13/02/1966 It was a good field and a great bunch of racers as usual for Super Street. The final was very tight against Shaun Boyer in his V8 Gemini. From memory there was only two-thousandths in it! Hometown Marlow Lagoon, Palmerston NT What excites you most about drag racing Status Married Occupation Locksmith, Manager Started Racing 31 years ago Classes competed in Street and Super Street ANDRA Drag Racing Career Highlights Winning the first year the Summit Racing Equipment Series started for Super Street at Nitro Up North and backing it up this year. It was very special to hold those Christmas Trees. Best ET & Speed 11.02s at 120mph Sponsors TLC Towing and Salvage, Darwin Lock and Key, Exide Batteries, AFA Insurance Brokers and Uniglide Hobbies Building and playing around in our garage with our cars Favourite Race Vehicle The Bathurst XC Coupes Favourite TV Show Street Outlaws Favourite food(s) Grilled Barra Favourite Track Hidden Valley I love the challenge of getting our dial-in to the exact number. I love the ability to work out her number and seeing the run within hundredths or better. Why Super Street? I raced Street way back in the day and stopped while I got life under way with family and business and so on. When I got back into racing, I started in Street and after a season each in a Typhoon and then a Blown BA, I found the XW which we affectionately call Super Roo. Super Street has a great bunch of racers that I’m proud to call friends. Since travelling for the first time this year, it’s been the same with interstate racers we’ve meet. It’s a great class. However mostly it’s about cost and time. Super Street is relatively cheap with a ‘start of season’ prep and then very little effort for the remainder of the year. I find racing in Super Street doesn’t consume your life while giving you great racing and time too to enjoy other cars and interests. Do you have any pre-run routines or superstitions? Yes…and I’m sure I’m not the only one! Not wanting to risk sounding stupid, I’ll keep this to myself. I can tell you though that it has to be the same every run. What drives you to keep on drag racing? That’s not hard, I love drag racing. It makes and keeps me feeling young with huge amounts of enjoyment, satisfaction, comradery and self-fulfilment. I love the admiration that Super Roo brings and the memories and reminiscing she provides is priceless for me with her fans. What are you aiming to achieve this season? After competing in the first two rounds we sit on 170 points so are planning to travel to Adelaide for Christmas and then spend a few weeks in Tassie holidaying before competing in Rounds Seven and Eight in Victoria. If we do well, we will leave Super Roo in Adelaide to compete in Round 10 and throw our hat in for a shot at a title. Are there any special people you would like to thank for being part of your drag racing journey? My wife Allana, she is fantastic support and always there for me…she is an unbelievable woman and I love her dearly. I also want to thank Joe, the partner of one of my daughters, as well as Terry and his son Zac – they are always there to help crew and we couldn’t do it without them – having a great crew gives you so much confidence for racing. Huge thanks must also go to Danny Maxwell and Brian Breed for all their spanner work. Super Roo sure loves the attention and affection lol!