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perfectlight BRADLEY HICKS After posting a 0.000 light in Round Two of the Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series at Mildura’s Sunset Strip Nationals, Bradley Hicks has been awarded with the Perfect Light Award. The farmer from Athurton on the Yorke Peninsula started racing in 1980 in the Modified bracket at Adelaide International Raceway, after some years racing street cars at AIR street meets. His long racing career boasts many highlights, including wins at the 1989 Spring Nationals at AIR and the Charlie Dennis Memorial Series at Steel City in 1990 and 1992/93. Now, the 61-year-old can add a Perfect Light Award to his mantle after his results at Mildura’s Sunset Strip Nationals. “We had arrived at the track on Friday evening in near perfect weather conditions to set-up for the weekend’s racing, but unfortunately Saturday dawned with some very strong wind and that north-west wind just became stronger as the day went on,” he explained. “I ran a 5.005s pass at 135 mph with a 0.487s reaction time on my only qualifier on Saturday morning, before the programme was cancelled for the day. The strong wind had just raised too much dust for racing to continue safely. “We weathered the storm and dust through a wind change-to the south west, and thankfully Sunday brought much improved conditions, allowing one more time trial before racing. As I was late releasing the launch button on the previous day’s run, I left my delay time unchanged. I pulled a 0.060s red light, and ran a 5.023s pass 135.62 mph, so it was fairly consistent. “Before eliminations, I added 0.075s to my delay and got ready to face Wade Kismya in round one. In that round, I dialled in at 5.01s, and his dial in was 5.75s – though there was a mistake with his side of the tree, causing a slight delay in staging while his dial in was corrected. “While it was great to get a perfect light, it was frustrating to lose that race. However, that’s part of racing. “We may not have proceeded further, but the weather aside, the Sunset Strip Nationals was a great event – it was very well run, and had some very good close racing.” For Hicks, his perfect light in that run was a pleasant surprise. “I felt my reaction time was good when the car launched, but I had no idea it was a perfect light until my crew chief read it out to me from the time slip,” he explained, while thanking ANDRA for rewarding him for his perfect reaction time. “This is my first Perfect Light award, but I have had two 0.000s reaction times previously around five years ago – running one at Steel City and the other at Coonawarra, one of those was in qualifying though. Back then, I was not running a delay box like I do now.” From Mildura’s Sunset Strip it was back to Adelaide for Hicks, who now looks ahead to competing in Portland (January) and Adelaide’s Grand Finals (March). “After the Sunset Strip Nationals I ran at the Spring Nationals in Adelaide in October and I won round one, but a small issue meant that my engine would not start for round two against eventual winner Jess Turner,” Hicks explained. Hicks sends his thanks to sponsors The Arthurton Hotel, Infinity Signs and Sprint Auto Parts Kadina; AK Converters, SA Race Transmissions and Diffs and Rhemac; and crew members Greg Oberti, Mark Wyatt, Sean Oberti, Frank Intini and Adrian Hicks for their support of his racing program. “He left on a 0.030s light; I felt that my reaction was good when the car moved and caught him close to the finish line. I lifted off the throttle, but I ran a 4.996s pass at 130.76 mph, breaking out, and so losing while Wade ran 5.845s. 15