Andhra Pradesh Magazine English June 2016 - Page 53

Two Years of Accomplishments T The extravagant display of fireworks, sky lanterns and dance shows, besides a host of seminars, religious and spiritual discourses during the event was painstakingly planned and executed under the direct supervision of the Chief Minister. he Godavari Maha Pushkaralu, held last year on a grand scale, attested to the personal touch that the Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu brought to the cultural fete. All roads led to Rajahmundry, the 1,000-year-old historical place as well as modern town in Andhra Pradesh, for the grand celebration of Godavari Pushkaralu in July, 2015 for twelve days. The Andhra Pradesh Government made elaborate arrangements in both East and West Godavari districts for the holy event that saw an average of 60 lakh pilgrims pouring in to the banks of Godavari. making it one of the largest congregations in recent times across the country. The CM, the force behind the gala event, lodged himself in Rajahmundry for the next 12 days and monitored the arrangements with minute care. He was everywhere, conducting aerial surveys, making midnight inspections, giving suggestions on easing traffic, observing from police control room, issuing directions on preventing health hazards and ensuring that the congregation is facilitated in taking the holy dip in all comfort and peace. Besides ۙX[Y\X[\^\˜[\]Y[Y[\]HB[ݙYۈH]\ܝZ\H[[XY[H]\[ZZ][K[H][[B۝KH\ۘ[B]Y]YH]X][ۈ]\[\™][[XYHٙXX[ŸXܙ[KH][\B܈ݚY[\X[Y[]Y\ZBSH M[]][ۋ[[]\B[ܚ[\[[YYH\B\X\۝[[\HX[\H]]YH]\\\˂\\ۘ[[[Y[[[]X]]\[\Y]H]Y\šYHY[[ܘXH\]X[[[\[^\Y[KH]Hݙ\Y[و[BY\XYH[\^Hق\[[Y[ۈ[[XY[Y[K[[X\H ܛܙB܈\[][\][ H]YB[ܝ[ZZ][K܂X[]Y\ZH]\[YYX][ۈ8$^H\H[XYB]Z[XH[[KX] H]š[H[\X\HXYBXYKH[Z[[ۙBZ[H KHHۙ]][[[H[ZZ][K\\Y\][Y[]Y\܈[ܚ[B^H\HZ[]]\[X\[H]K\\[HYY[B][H[ HܛܙH[ܚ[\H\[]\]\H[\X\X[H\ ][]œ\YۈY\وH]\ HܛܙH[[]\X]\H\X]Y KLTԕ\\XYH N\‚ ]H\\\]Y HZ\[\]Z[Yœ\X\ MHZ][YۈZ[ L[\[ܘ[[Y\[X\و[ܚ[\]\H\]BH]\H\]KۈH[\ق[H\K[]X]YHH]Bݙ\Y[ۈH]Hو]\BSTQTPQVSKԑ‚\\[K\\Y]HBYYوH LY^H][ BY[[ۙXY]H[]Y\[][ \]X\XX]Y܈]ܙX]]]K]\HܙY]وYYZ[\\[XXHZYH]Z[[ۜق[Y]\[]\Hݙ\\Y[X\[\]\H][Y\H\^x&\[ܝ[]B[Y[ Hx&\[[\Yܝš[۝Z[[H[XYH[[[XY\\Z\B[XYH[ݚYHH\\B܈H[ܚ[\\\XX]YBۙH[[ \^Z[]]ZZ][H[YB\\[K[ۙ]X[Hو\˜X[]XYY\[[YH[BوۙY[H[[ۙH]Y\XYHHY[[HH]BXܛH]H[H[KHHH\YZ[Y[[ۈZ\\XX][ۈ]H \و\[[Y[XYB[X[]Y\ݚYYH\[ܛˈ[HBYZ[\][ۈ]\H\H܂H[ۙXوH\\[KHYYZ[\\\BܙY]Y]XZ[H][Bܘ[[\[[X[YZ\H^]Y[\^Hق\]ܚH[\[[B\Y\Hو[Z[\[Y[\[\]X[\\\™\[H][\Z[Z[B[Y[^X]Y[\B\X\\\[ۈقHYYZ[\\]\H\\[H]HۛBY[[[ܛ[\X\][\Y]HH[[][™^[\HوXY[HH۝[[Y\وܚ\\˂L‚