Andhra Pradesh Magazine English June 2016 - Page 45

Two Years of Accomplishments K ePragati is the largest ever e- governance initiative in this part of the world. ePragati is like Bahubali in e-governance sector as the vision, size and budget are so huge. certificates apart from making online payments to a cross section of citizens in terms of social welfare pensions, student scholarships or payment of treasury bills. nown for his passion to bring technology in the service of the common man, Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu envisaged e-pragati as a citizen- centric initiative. Andhra Pradesh has become the first state in India to execute full enterprise architecture model in the form of e-Pragati. The Rs 2,400 crore project is essentially a comprehensive e-governance project simplifying the process of delivery of government and citizen services. The success ratio, in terms of e-governance, has Andhra Pradesh in the numero uno position among the 29 states in our country. Going all-for-technology, Andhra Pradesh’s journey to the top began way back in 1999 with the introduction of online citizen services platform e-Seva, when internet was the fancy of a rather small section of society. e-Seva currently tops with a maximum number of e-transactions involving state-level citizen services. The state of Andhra Pradesh registered 659.2 million e-transactions pertaining to state government services for 7 months alone (January 2015 – August 2015; as per the data released by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, GoI). Andhra Pradesh accounts for close to 23 per cent of total e-transactions registered across the entire country. The state government offers nearly 332 services through its online Mee Seva platform including utility bill payments, caste or family income JUNE 2016 And now, with the state already topping the country’s e-transactions, the government embarked upon the comprehensive architecture to leverage the latest advances in e-governance tools, which will bring all the government services under one roof. e-Pragati has been designed with an estimated investment of Rs 2,358 crore of which the State will share Rs 1,528 crore over a period of three years. The project is aimed at bringing together 745 G2B (government to businesses), G2C (government to citizens), G2E (government to employees) and G2G (government to governments) services offered by 33 departments and more than 300 government agencies. With e-Pragati, Andhra Pradesh also becomes the first state in India to conceive and execute state-wide enterprise architecture. The ground work for the ambitious project, which has been entrusted to IT major Wipro, has been going on since January 2015. As many as 72 projects of various departments of similar nature such as welfare departments, works departments, land management wings and sectors (tourism, industries etc.) have been grouped under 14 packages. The government is gearing up to invite expression of interest from interested companies/enterprises for developing appropriate software programmes for the projects. “This will become a model in ANDHRAPRADESHMAGAZINE.ORG Government Enterprise Architecture in India. e-Pragati aims at achieving a unified and connected government with citizen-centricit B]]ܙK[\[Y[][ۈوTY]H[XYYKYو[ܛX][ۈ[[ۙ\\Y[][H^H܈[[Yܘ]Y ]YKY][[X[XBݙ\Y[ 8'HHYYZ[\\ZY HXZ܈\ۙ[وKTY]B]H\[ Z\[ۜ HܚY˜[ H[\ZYۜ΂T]H]H[H [H]H[\X][ۜBKRY^H X[[\HۛX[H\\Y[Y][JB[HX \H[B[YXۛZX]HوB]^[وH]HX[B\Y[\[Y[[\B[Y\[][Y[ܘ[\BXX ]۝Z[]Z[ق[\\و[\[[B]JBX[T H[YYY۝X [[H]H]^[[\H˜X\HYH[Hو\X\BX[[Y]X[Y[Y[\[H ][Y\[[Y]œ[Y\BT[ \Z[]H\[H܂X[Y[Y[و[\BKT]H H]ܛH܈ݚY[BYH[Hو]^[\X\ۂ[ؚ[JBKPYܚSX\] H]ܛH][BX\\Y\[Z\XBۛ[H]H\XJBKT[^X] [[\YXY[ق[^X]Z[]][ۜK B