Andhra Pradesh Magazine English June 2016 - Page 4

ANDHRA PRADESH Published Monthly In English & Telugu June 2016 Volume:10 Issue:12 Salivahana Era 1938 Commissioner S Venkateswar IIS Editor Ramesh Babu Kandula Executive Editor Naresh Nunna Cover Page CM @ Second Anniversary Second Cover CM with Influential People Third Cover CM in various programmes Fourth Cover APIIC Advt on Sunrise State Published by: Information & Public Relations Department Government of Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad - 500 028 Ph: 040-23300258 Views expressed by various authors in this issue reflect their personal opinions. Design Karthik Beesu Printed at Caxton Offset Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad Each Issue : Rs 5/Annual Subscription : Rs 50/- EDITORIAL A COMEBACK IN TWO YEARS J une 2, 2014 is a black day for the people of Andhra Pradesh. That was the day when the irrational division left the State in a lurch. The government that took over on June 8 that year was well aware of the challenges lying ahead. It was an unenviable task as Andhra Pradesh appeared to be an unviable state without a sustainable economy. Two years later, there is light at the end of the tunnel. From the day of assuming the reins, the Chandrababu Naidu Government grappled with the legacy of an unfair and unjust bifurcation with a degree of success. But more importantly, the Chief Minister went about steering the state into a development mode with great fervour. Neither lack of finances nor absence of an urban industrial metropolis had deterred him in this mission. Thanks to the administration’s commitment and frenzied pace of work in these last 24 months, we, as a state, are back in the reckoning. The overall growth rate attained as well as the national and international laurels received in various fields is a vindication of the efforts of this Government. This issue of Andhra Pradesh Magazine is a special edition focussing on what has been achieved in these two years. The Chief Minister’s zeal has touched so many areas of governance, and so much was accomplished in a variety of sectors that it was indeed difficult for us to encapsulate all of that in this tiny volume. But in this edition, you will get a feel of the work that has been done in such a short time. We still have our challenges, and they are too many. But what we now see is a state on a path of progress. The process is long and hard. But we know we have a leadership that knows what it takes to reach the top. And stay there. Ramesh Babu Kandula Editor Email: 4 Printed and Published by Ramesh Babu Kandula on behalf of Director/Commissioner, Information and Public Relations Dept.; Printed at M/s Caxton Offset Pvt. Ltd., 11.5.416/3, Red Hills, Hyderabad - 500 004; Published at Office of Director/Commissioner , I&PR Dept, Govt of Andhra Pradesh, Samachar Bhavan, AC Guards, Hyderabad - 500028. Editor: Ramesh Babu Kandula. Ph: 040-23300258. ANDHRAPRADESHMAGAZINE.ORG JUNE 2016