Andhra Pradesh Magazine English June 2016 - Page 31

Two Years of Accomplishments F The State has extensively marketed the strategic and demographic advantages of our state, as well as the credibility of our Chief Minister’s leadership to attract investments to the state. rom the day he took over, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu put in place, various best-in-class policy instruments and fiscal incentives to spur industrial growth. And the results have been overwhelming. Andhra Pradesh has a healthy pipeline of over Rs 3 lakh crore of investments, which is more than the overall 5-year target envisaged under the Industrial Development Policy. The state has a strong investment pipeline of more than 300 projects, which when realized, could potentially create more than 6.7 lakh new jobs in the state. The Single Desk Policy which aims to create a conducive ecosystem to provide all clearances required to setup industry within 21 working days has ensured a strong second place among Indian states in the Ease of Doing Business in the World Bank rankings. As of April 23, 2016, around 7,623 applications have been received through the Single Desk Portal with over 6,577 applications approved with around 91% compliance of 21-days service level. The State Government is taking strong steps in developing robust infrastructure to promote manufacturing through two large Industrial Corridors Chennai – Bengaluru Industrial Corridor (CBIC) and Visakhapatnam – Chennai Industrial Corridor (VCIC). VCIC is being supported by the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) with a policy-based loan USD 125 million to support policy reforms, and institutional development as JUNE 2016 well as a multi-tranche financing f X[]H QHوT MHZ[[ۈ܂[ܚ]H[\X\HڙX˂[\ВPYH[X[[\X[\[[HY\]HY[Y[YYYܚ\\][[ܙH\ Y\YH[]܈\[[\\[[[\\\ [HY\\H\]H[Xݙ\Y[و[XH\˜[[YHSV ][ۘ[[\Y[[X[YX\[–ۙJK[Xx&\\SV[B\Y]Z\[HSV][]\KHXۙۙH]]܈\˜[Y Y [][[Y][ۜYHHB[H[\[]HZY[YZ][\[ˈH[و M‘ݙ\Y[\[\ ̐H[L\[\\[\ B[\\HYۙY\[H\]“[x&\\HYۙY[]\[Xܜ[Y[[\KU ^[\ۜX[ۈ[[[Y\[˂[XۚXX[ۛ]\X[YX\[X[]H[XX[ZH[[ۙYH\HXZ[Z\[ؚ[Hۙ\ˈZ^B[\][ۘ[[\Y[ܜܘ][ۈ RPH\][\L Xܙ\[\X[\[Z[YHVX[\BXY[[\HX[YX\[š[\Y\˂HH\]Y\[XH[\BYX\]YۚYX[]Y\˂\[H\\]  ݙ\Y[ݙ\Y[ ̑H[ Bݙ\Y[\[\ BYY][\H[ [[\\BYۙY\[H\]]QUKQ[[Z][ܜܘ][ێ“[x&\\HYۙY[Xܜ‚STQTPQVSKԑ‚[Y[ݙ\[[\X\K[\KYܚX[\N\[X\]Y\[\][]H]˂[H^\] [\\BYۙY]8$Z^Z[[P˂\[H\\\[[Z][^Y[[[X\H\YX\B[و ̎[\][\Y[[X[و Zܛܙ\[[\[[X[وKNZ\HYۙY ][Xܛ\[\œXܜ˂H][\ܝ[X[]Y\]]BۙH[X[ێ\^H[ܜ][\Y[ق ܈ [\[ H H8$˜][X[ۂ[ۙ[^][\Y[وŒL ܈ [\[8$ M ][X[ۊB\HX[\H][\Y[و ML ܈ [\[$ BܚHݚ[\ZH^[\][\Y[و ܈ [\[8$ ̌ B\Hˈ[][\Y[ق K ܋ [\[8$ B\\Z[][\Y[ق M܈ [\[8$ M JB[X\HZH]\Y\][\Y[و ̍H܈ [\[8$ B]H[[]H][\Y[و MH܂[\[8$ ML B[][\Y[و ܈ [\[8$ ͌ B[XH\[ZXH][\Y[ق M܈ [\[8$ N L Bݙ\[ YHXݙHYX\\\[\Y\X܈Y\\Yܛو LK\\[ ܈H MKLMB