Andhra Pradesh Magazine English June 2016 - Page 23

Two Years of Accomplishments I The State has emerged as best performing state in the country in parameters like providing 100 days wage employment (3.1 lakh households), percentage of wages paid within 15 days (78%) and in Aadhar seeding of wage workers (97%). t is not just economic development that matters to this Government. Human development is the key to a robust and inclusive society. Towards this end, the Chandrababu Naidu Government has taken up a slew of welfare measures, impacting all sections of the people. Health for All In an effort to ensure affordable health care to the citizens duly ensuing equitable access to health care, the Government strengthened the existing programmes like NTR Vaidya Seva, which offers 1,044 surgical and medical procedures to the poor people, 108 for Emergency Health Services, 104 for Fixed Day Mobile Health Services, Family Welfare Programmes under National Health Mission etc. In addition, new programmes such as e-Aushadi, 102 Talli Bidda Express for Maternal and Child Health, NTR Vaidya Pariksha, Tele Radiology etc have been launched. The Government has secured sanction for AIIMS at Mangalagiri, which is under construction. The commissioning of Visakhapatnam Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) and Sri Padmavathi Government Medical College for Women at Tirupathi is under process. Food and Nutrition Security As part of the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), Supplementary Nutrition Programme is being provided to 26.45 lakh children and 8.56 lakh pregnant & lactating women. The Government is also implementing Anna Amrutha Hastam, which JUNE 2016 provides one full meal to Pregnant & Nursing Mothers in 104 high burden ICDS projects. This scheme was availed by 3.45 lakh mothers at an expenditure of Rs. 91.04 Crores in 2015- 16. A new scheme, ‘Giri Gorumuddalu’ (GG), with special and supervised feeding, was launched on August 15, 2015 to meet the nutritional needs of children in Tribal Areas in the age of 6 months to 6 years. This has benefitted 1,33,733 children in tribal areas. The Government has provided essential 33 commodities to 4.01 crore people through the Public Distribution System with an expenditure of Rs. 2,459.39 crores in 2015-16. In 2016-17, this expenditure is estimated to be Rs. 2,702.20 crores. Education for the Poor Financial support is being provided to students belonging to SC, ST categories who want to go abroad for higher studies under Ambedkar Overseas Vidya Nidhi. Likewise, professional guidance for civil service aspirants under NTR Vidyonnathi, skill upgradation for professional graduates and placement linked skill development for youth under Chandranna Cheyutha are also being implemented. Community Development The Government has established separate corporations for the Kapu community as well as the Brahmin community to help the poorer sections. Te Andhra Pradesh Kapu Welfare and Development Corporation and the Andhra Pradesh Brahmin ANDHRAPRADESHMAGAZINE.ORG Welfare Corporation were constituted in 2015-16. During 2015-16, we have assisted 12,000 Brahmin families to advance economically. It is proposed to enable 50,000 Brahmin families to progress economically in 2016-17. The Government assisted 32,000 Kapu families with an outlay of Rs 100 crores during 2015-16 to help them advance on the economic front. An amount of Rs 1,000 crores to the Kapu Development Corporation was allocated this year, an increase of ten times the allocation [ MKLM[\[X\[YB[HY\XZ]YB][ۘ[]\܈8'YX]B[]X]]\[\QӔQ'H[ MKLMH]H\][\Y[ܙH[ ܛܙ\\[Œ MKLMܙX]HۛBX]H[\[H[YY][]][\HH\[[\X\H[Hۜ\]Y[X[XX\X\ˈ\\XYBXHH۝\[QӔQ]Y\KP]H܈]\ۜ\][ۋ][BY\܈ۜX[ۈق[]YX[\Z][\ŠR KYHY[[[X]H܈ۜX[ۈقY]ˈH]H\H\\ܛZ[]H[H[H[\[Y]\ X[B[HY\[XYHB\]H[H[HXZH[]\[\X\8&[YX][ۂYx&HHؙ\ X\[žYX\وH][وX\]Z\[ۋ[[ۈ\[][Y[Z[\K‚