Andhra Pradesh Magazine English June 2016 - Page 21

Two Years of Accomplishments T In 2013-14, the then government spent Rs 1349.64 crore on various pensions to approximately the same number of people. Compare that to Rs 5,700 crore presently being disbursed a year. o secure a dignified life to all the poor and vulnerable, particularly, the old and infirm, the State Government embarked upon one of the largest welfare schemes in the country. The Chandrababu Naidu Government launched distribution of the most comprehensive social security pension scheme under 'NTR Bharosa' to various categories of beneficiaries soon after taking over the adminstration in 2014. Under the Scheme, the various S. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 The Government has been paying the increased pensions since October 2, 2014 onwards. Authenticated, Aadhaar linked pensions have been provided to nearly 43 Lakh pensioners in 2015-16. The Government has been spending a monthly outlay of over Rs. 460 Crore and a total annual District Old Age Weavers Srikakulam Vizianagaram Visakhapatnam East Godavari West Godavari Krishna Guntur Prakasam Nellore Chittoor Kadapa Anantapur Kurnool 145015 123694 154698 235199 192607 149660 193022 159716 121242 210539 130144 213174 150131 4173 2321 2354 8657 3339 5292 6598 6556 4728 5766 8913 11651 3725 Total 2178841 pensions to the underprivileged sections have been dramatically increased. In spite of the challenging financial situation, the Chandrababu Naidu Government enhanced social security amounts five-fold - from Rs. 200 to Rs. 1000 per month to Old Age, Widow, Weavers, Toddy Tappers and AIDS patients. The Government also enhanced the JUNE 2016 pension from Rs. 500 to Rs 1000 per month to Person ]\X[]Y\  H][ MB\[\X[]H[ˈ ML \[۝H] \[\X[]H[XݙH\HZ[\ۙK ‚YYZ[\\&\ٙXHX[ ][YB^X]]JH\\\Y[][Y[ۚ]܈[[ۜ˜[KXYX\YY[\Y[Z[\[[\ZYۈ[H™[\H[YXX\H][]H\˜]][X]Y[[\]YKB\[]\\N\[ K K L \[ H K  •\[ LN  K MHY[X\وB M ̍[Y[X\Hو›Y[X\]H\XYX\YYY HX\Y\ݙ\Y[\œ[[H]H[ܙH[ L ܛܙHH[۝ۈ[[ۜˈ[ LB\XYN B\XY BY‚MM‚̍M BML  LMMM͂LL̂MLB B  ͍ŒLL LBM MBLLNBM LML ‚ BL NB  ŒNLLŒ LLNNLŒMN M LMŒLMNLM ‚N LM MMLL BMNLBL ͍BL͌ML L MN MM MLMN L LN L ͍B]^HوYHˈ M ܈ۈB[YKHX\Y\X][ۈق^[Y[\H\و][[]X]]H[H[\H[H[XX\XH[]\H\HBݙ\Y[\[Hܜ\وXX[YXX\KXZ[œ[[ۜ[[][Y[[BY\[HوHܙ HԑBSTQTPQVSKԑ‚B\\‚T[[ۜ‚ܘ[[L MB BNBNLŒL ̂̎MBNNMMMBMNM LNLŒM‚ Œ M MB͎ Œ̎M B ŒN M N BB N Œ M B̎ BLN BL͍  LMLMŒNMNMM͍ ͂M LB MLŒNMNBM H[ݙ\Y[[ŒLKܛܙHۈ\[\[[ۜ\[X][HH[YH\و[K\\H] K ܛܙH\[HZ[\؝\Y [\[\ܝ[X]\H\]H[XXHZYHݙ\Y[\[\Y]\H\œH܈XZYH[H\؝\[Y[و[[ۜX\H Z[H]\H[۝ B