Analytics Magazine Analytics Magazine, November/December 2014 - Page 9

AnAlytic Solver PlAtform from Solver to full-Power Business Analytics in excel The Excel Solver’s Big Brother Has Everything You Need for Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics From the developers of the Excel Solver, Analytic Solver Platform makes the world’s best optimization software accessible in Excel. Solve your existing models faster, scale up to large size, and solve new kinds of problems. From Linear Programming to Stochastic Optimization Fast linear, quadratic and mixed-integer programming is just the starting point in Analytic Solver Platform. Conic, nonlinear, non-smooth and global optimization are just the next step. Easily incorporate uncertainty and solve with simulation optimization, stochastic programming, and robust optimization – all at your fingertips. Comprehensive Forecasting and Data Mining Analytic Solver Platform samples data from Excel, PowerPivot, and SQL databases for forecasting and data mining, from time series methods to classification and regression trees, neural networks and association rules. And you can use visual data exploration, cluster analysis and mining on your Monte Carlo simulation results. Find Out More, Download Your Free Trial Now Analytic Solver Platform comes with Wizards, Help, User Guides, 90 examples, and unique Active Support that brings live assistance to you right inside Microsoft Excel. Visit to learn more, register and download a free trial – or email or call us today. Ultra-Fast Monte Carlo Simulation and Decision Trees Analytic Solver Platform is also a full-power tool for Monte Carlo simulation and decision analysis, with a Distribution Wizard, 50 distributions, 30 statistics and risk measures, and a wide array of charts and graphs. Tel 775 831 0300 • Fax 775 831 0314 •