Analytics Magazine Analytics Magazine, November/December 2014 - Page 7

AnAlytic Solver PlAtform easy to Use, industrial Strength Predictive Analytics in excel How can you get results quickly for business decisions, without a huge budget for “enterprise analytics” software, and months of learning time? Here’s how: Analytic Solver Platform does it all in Microsoft Excel, accessing data from PowerPivot and SQL databases. Sophisticated Data Mining and Predictive Analytics Go far beyond other statistics and forecasting add-ins for Excel. Use classical multiple regression, exponential smoothing, and ARIMA models, but go further with regression trees, k-nearest neighbors, and neural networks for prediction, discriminant analysis, logistic regression, k-nearest neighbors, classification trees, naïve Bayes and neural nets for classification, and association rules for affinity (“market basket”) analysis. Use principal components, k-means clustering, and hierarchical clustering to simplify and cluster your data. Help and Support to Get You Started Analytic Solver Platform can help you learn while getting results in business analytics, with its Guided Mode and Constraint Wizard for optimization, and Distribution Wizard for simulation. You’ll benefit from User Guides, Help, 30 datasets, 90 sample models, and new textbooks supporting Analytic Solver Platform. Surprising Performance on Large Datasets Excel’s ease of use won’t limit what you can do – Analytic Solver Platform’s fast, accurate algorithms rival the best-known statistical software packages. Find Out More, Download Your Free Trial Now Visit to learn more, register and download a free trial – or email or call us today. Simulation, Optimization and Prescriptive Analytics Analytic Solver Platform also includes decision trees, Monte Carlo simulation, and powerful conventional and stochastic optimization for prescriptive analytics. Tel 775 831 0300 • Fax 775 831 0314 •