Analytics Magazine Analytics Magazine, November/December 2014 - Page 57

BE A PART OF THE ANALYTICS REVOLUTION! Join the World of Certified Analytics Professionals (CAP®) ® Top 5 Reasons to Become Certified 1. Certification demonstrates commitment to a profession. Earning a CAP credential shows your peers, supervisors, clients, and the general public your commitment to analytics and your ability to perform to accepted standards. ® 2. Certification enhances the profession. CAP exists to grow, promote, and develop analytics professionals and ensures the public that analytics is a true, time-honored profession. ® 3. Certification reflects personal achievement. Earning your CAP ® and will continuously improve your performance in analytics. shows the world you will not stop learning 4. Certification establishes professional credentials. CAP recognizes an individual's accomplishment and stands out on an individual's resume or a company's prospectus. ® 5. Certification improves career opportunities and advancement. CAP is a clear identifier of those who seek knowledge of changes in the work, technology, business practices, and innovation. ® 6. BONUS REASON: Studies show that those who hold a professional certification like CAP® earn more over their career than peers who are not certified! Set Yourself Apart. Join the Analytics Revolution. Become a CAP® Now. Visit or email us at with any questions.