Analytics Magazine Analytics Magazine, November/December 2014 - Page 5

ANALYTICS IN YOUR BROWSER Optimization and Simulation in Excel Online and Google Sheets Advanced Analytics built on Business Intelligence is moving to the Web. But you don’t have to learn a complex new language to create your analytic models. Start and finish today in Excel Online or Google Sheets. Use Premium Solver Platform for industrial-strength conventional optimization – from linear, quadratic and mixed-integer programming to nonlinear, non-smooth and global optimization. Use our Analytics Apps in your Web Browser Use Risk Solver Platform for super-fast Monte Carlo simulation, decision trees, simulation optimization, robust optimization and stochastic programming. Solve all types of optimization models with Frontline’s free Solver App, for Excel Solver features in Excel Online and Google Sheets. To solve large-scale optimization models, upgrade to our Premium Solver App. Run Monte Carlo simulation models with Frontline’s Risk Solver App – free for limited-size models, and free without size limits for desktop Risk Solver Pro, Risk Solver Platform, and Analytic Solver Platform users. Use our free XLMiner Data Visualization App to explore your data in Excel Online – including Pivot Table results drawn from the powerful multidimensional data model in Office 365 Power BI and desktop Excel 2013. Use XLMiner Platform for forecasting and data mining, from time series methods to classification and regression trees, neural networks and association rules. Or use Analytic Solver Platform to do it all in Excel – building on Microsoft’s Power Pivot, Power Query, and Power View add-ins to work with 100 million row data sets from enterprise and cloud databases. Find Out More, Download Your Free Trial Now Visit to learn more, register and download a free trial – or email or call us today. Powerful Analytics for Your Laptop or Desktop You can create your models in your web browser, but there’s nothing like a big screen and a fast CPU plus software to develop sophisticated analytic models. And we make it easy to publish your analytic models from desktop Excel to either Excel Online or Google Sheets. The Leader in Analytics for Spreadsheets and the Web Tel 775 831 0300 • •