Amish & Cranberry Tours Amish & Cranberry Tours - Page 6 Immediately following the moss area you will start to see several tamarack trees on both sides of the road. These trees are abundant in our area and have a golden yellow lacy look in the fall. Contrary to popular belief tamarack trees are not pine trees and do lose their needles in the winter. The fourth and fifth marshes on Hwy HH, the Van Etta Marsh and Northland Marsh, are both located off the main part of the road. Continue traveling and watch for the beds of the sixth marsh, Craig Scott marsh, to the right. A mile further is the seventh marsh, Menitz Marsh, which has beds located on both sides of the road. Two more miles down you will see the Walworth Marsh on the right. • Fresh Cranberries •Public Cranberry Harvest Day (1st Sat. in Oct. 9-11 am) • Cranberry Harvest Bus Tour Groups • Shipping of Cranberries when in Season • Located 6 miles from I-94 Warrens; Exit 135 608.378.4813 Turn left onto Hwy O. Travel three miles back to the village of Warrens. Here you will come back to Main Street and the Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center. Now would be a great time to stop if you didn’t before you started your journey through cranberry country! 3365 Auger Rd Warrens, WI 54666 BELOW YOU WILL FIND A MAP TO HELP YOU ON YOUR ROUTE! HH HH Beltz Road O HH EE EW Aspen Ave EW N Broadway Ave O N Briarwood Ave Please, do not walk, pick, or trespass on the tour. 12 Tomah Wetherby Cranberry Co. N Buckley Road e Colorado Av O K E Y Cranberry Resources Cranberry Marshes Sphagnum Moss Drying Heron Nesting Extended Route Explained Route WI Cranberry Discovery Center EW EW 16 Crampton Road N W E S