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While on your tour of the Amish countryside south of Tomah, please be sure to watch out for horse-drawn buggies, wagons, and pedestrians. They travel slowly and should be approached with care. Sundays are especially heavily trafficked due to Amish families attending religious services, visiting relatives, etc. Amish homes are easily identified by their lack of modern machinery. They are usually painted white. The majority of the Amish farms also have windmills. Be sure to take note of “additions” to their homes; an addition generally means a son has married, and the family now needs an additional room for a new couple. To begin your tour, travel south down Superior Ave/Hwy 12. Leaving Tomah, this road not only speeds up, but changes to Hwy 131. You will know when you are entering the Amish community by the yellow caution sign with an Amish buggy on it. At the top of the hill you will need to turn left onto County Hwy A. At the end of King Road you will be taking a right onto Hwy 71. Since this is a Highway you will need to increase your speed here. You can travel about 3 miles before turning right, back on to Hwy 131 north to Tomah or you can continue on the trip to Down a Country Road Amish Gift Shops & Tours. Travel 2.3 miles down County Hwy A before taking a right on to King Road. King Road is where you will find the majority of the Amish families’ homes in our area. Your trek on King Road is only about 8 miles, so be sure to drive slow and take it all in. Be aware of the sharp turns and pedestrians. If you choose to go further, continue on Hwy 131 (which turns into Hwy 71/131) through the communities of Wilton and Ontario. After about 11 miles (in the village of Ontario) turn right onto Hwy 33. Follow Hwy 33 for around 8 miles, this will lead you to Down a Country Road Amish Gift Shops & Tours (on your left hand side). On the next page you will find a map to guide you on your way. It’s an Amish Area Woodworking, Craft and Greenhouse Map (last updated in 2012)! GIFT SHOPS & AMISH TOURS 12 12651 St. Hwy. 33, Cashton, Wi 54619 • 608-654-5318