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Amish COUNTRY tour The Amish chose the Tomah area for the rich and fertile farmland, low real estate prices, and the lay of land. They also chose this area because it was far from a city of any size, which might influence their youth to the worldly ways – and yet close enough to a small town that has exactly what they need. A bank, post office, grocery store, hardware store and a feed mill. The Amish in this area have rapidly increase in population in the past years, now growing to over 200 families. The average family will have as many as 10- 14 children. The Amish community is divided into several church districts. Each church district is led by a Bishop, two Ministers, and a Deacon. Most Amish are farmers, but many have taken up a craft or trade to make their living. The Amish way of life revolves around the family and their church community. Quilting bees, barn raisings, and Sunday services in the home are just a few of the ways the Amish keep the family unit strong. The Amish school their children in their own one room schoolhouse where all eight grades are taught. The children start school at age 6 and will usually complete all of their schooling by the time they are 13 or 14. No higher education is allowed as this might lead to losing them to the English culture. The three basics: reading, writing, and arithmetic are all that are required in the Amish schools. Next, you will find a self-guided driving tour through our Amish community south of Tomah! 11