AMHA Breeders Directory 2018 AMHA Breeders List - Page 9

MINI TACK AND SUPPLIES STAR LAKE TACK Cathy Waxler PO Box 276 Atlasburg, Pennsylvania 15004 724.255.8583 SALES MINI HORSE SALES LLC Karen Rudolph 11 Agawam Ave Hampstead NH 03841 617.320.3313 Since American Miniature horses cannot be ridden by any but the smallest children, an often-asked question is “What can you do with a Miniature?” One popular way owners enjoy their Miniature horse is to drive them. Miniatures are very adept at learning to drive and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is not unusual to see a group of Miniature Horse owners enjoying a quiet drive down a country road. Horse lovers perhaps not as mobile as they used to be and preferring not to manage a large horse are discovering the benefits of the Miniature horse whether in competition, recreation or as an investment. Special needs individuals also find Miniatures to be excellent companions. Miniature horses have successfully participated in therapeutic settings in hospitals, rehabs, airports, schools and colleges. Their size makes them perfect for navigating tight spaces and hospital equipment. Children intimidated by large horses tend to eagerly embrace a Miniature horse. Adults too, reap the rewards of Miniature horse ownership; it is not uncommon to see a grandparent and a grandchild joining to care for or work with their horses. Keeping a Miniature horse is about one-tenth the cost of maintaining a large horse; basically smaller amounts of feedstuffs and clean-up is much less! 7